Zhou Qi debut rocket casino summer couplet list

Recently, a US netizens exposed the Houston Rockets this summer league part of the list, while the Chinese players Zhou Qi impressively in the column(click nba 2k17 mt).

Summer league has always been the rookie and the end of the bench players to show their stage, and Zhou Qi has also been the representative of the Rockets to participate in the summer league opportunities.

A Twitter account for @ Hartenstein fan acc United States netizens exposed the Rockets this summer league part of the list, a total of 13 people, including Zhou Qi impressively in the column.

Previously reported that the rocket plans to sign next month and Zhou Qi. The team general manager Daryl – Morey had also said that they were selected but placed overseas players, in the next season will be landing NBA. Perhaps, next season we can see the Chinese players in the NBA stadium figure.

In addition to Zhou Qi, the Rockets this summer league list also includes this year’s second round show Isiah – Harteng Stein, he will continue to work overseas next season, as well as Zinanu – Ona, – Taylor, Troy – Williams and Kyle – Weier Zhe and other rocket edge players, which, Zinanu – Ona and Isiah – Taylor may be the most direct of Zhou Qi two competitors.

This year’s casino summer league time for the Beijing time on July 8 to 18, a total of 67 games to determine thchampionship, each team at least five games.buy mt at nbamtcoins.com