Wenger counterattack Mourinho: Arsenal want to throw money throwing money


Mourinho and Arsene Wenger’s war of words began, Mike Mussina just open irony Arsenal in recent years, has more money than Chelsea, Wenger immediately returned fire, said Professor Arsenal need to spend money and time, it You can throw money signings in the transfer market, do not consider how people say.

Arsenal Mourinho talked about yesterday when he said:. “If you have a good math spent the past three or four years the club, I think you would be surprised if you buy Ozil, Sanchez, and the German Chambers Bush the money together, you will be very surprised. ”

According to Sky Sports and other authoritative media reports, Wenger quickly fought back, in an interview, he said:. “When we think we have to spend the time, we would have to spend money, you do not have to listen to how people say we have money, we will spend money, of course, if we do not spend money. We just want to use us to believe that the way to play, how people say is their business. ”

“Sometimes during the week I would be subjected to two different criticisms, one that I spend too little, another said I was spending too much money. If you want to succeed, you have to concentrate on their own ball On the team, do not control what other people think. I believe that if you train a day closer to our players and other teams compare, you’ll be surprised. “Wenger said.

Last season the points gap between Arsenal and Chelsea up to 12 minutes, Wenger admitted the team needs to do more to bridge the gap between the two sides. Wenger said: “Chelsea won last year to great advantage, so we have to increase our efforts have been reinforced strength, and I know we’re better than last season, I may not know is that our opponents now changed. much stronger. “