Warriors away to 118-113 victory over the knight, the total score to 3-0 lead.

Warrior Thuringia, Kevin – Durant hit a winning goal, the audience contributed 31 points and eight rebounds, Cray – Thompson 30 points and six rebounds, Stephen – Curry 26 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists, Deremund – Green 8 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. LeBron – James played almost three pairs, contributed 39 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists, Kerry – Owen 38 points and six rebounds, JR – Smith 16 points. Kevin Loew 9 points and 13 rebounds, Kyle – Korver 8 points(click nba 2k17 coins).

Warriors before the two home win, the total score to 2-0 lead, the situation is excellent. But they can not have the slightest effect, Thompson claimed that they want to 0-2 behind the mentality to the Cleveland. Obviously, the Warriors have had lessons from last year. They can be in the 3-1 lead case can be reversed, what will not happen? So even if the 2-0 lead, the Warriors will not relax.

After the opening, the two sides crazy attack. Durant twice hit three points, the Warriors to 9-7 start, Smith and James have also one-third of the knight back home feel recovery. Warriors never afraid of the attack, Thompson in the first section hit half of the time has been cast four three. Curry was double-teamed, has been a good opportunity until the last 1 minute 36 seconds, he was the first time scoring. Curry twice hit three times, the warriors to a wave of 10-0 end of this section, so to 39-32 go-ahead. James this section last 1 minute 47 seconds off the rest, the knight in this period failed to score. Thompson won the first section of 16 points, he and Durant arranged the team before the 24 points. Warriors this season, three-pointers 14-for-9, a single 9 record three minutes set a record of the finals.

Knight scored 7 points to start the second quarter, the score equalizer. Warriors to 46-43 again after the reversal, both sides into the fatigue period, in four minutes only two James scored 2 points. The two sides into the stalemate stage, this section there are nearly 1 minute this time, the Cavaliers only 2 points behind, but Thompson and Curry have hit three points, the Warriors and slightly opened the gap. Knight shot in a row, finally by Owen hit buzzer, the first half to 61-67 behind. The first half of the warriors three-pointers in 20 shots 12, hit rate as high as 60%. Three points on the double, Thompson 21 points, Durant 16 points, Curry 14 points, three were a total of 51 points. Knight dwarf, 18 vote 5, including James 5 vote 3, one has 27 points for Houston, Owen 17 points, the two had a total of 44 points.

James knows that he alone can not win. The third quarter he began to pass to his teammates, Loew continued to waste his passing case, James still give him the ball. James’s efforts to get a return, this section there are 8 minutes and 59 seconds, Loew took his ball after the hit three points, the Cavaliers to 71-69 lead. The two sides alternately lead, knight to strengthen the defense, and Owen began to show “giants” style, frequently breaking the score, Knight slightly opened the gap. This section last 3 minutes and 39 seconds, the Warriors only hit a ball, the first three to 89-94 behind.
Warriors fire down, the third quarter had 22 points, which is their third playoff this season, the lowest score. Warriors in the fourth quarter when more than half of the “death five small.” Durant and Thompson have hit three points in the game there are 4 minutes and 40 seconds when the score chase into 107-108. Knight called after the suspension of an emergency, James made two free throws, and Smith hit the third, they 113-107 stabilized. Warriors to the ball to the Durant, 45 seconds in the game when he hit a long shot three points, one scored five points, the Warriors to 114-113 go-ahead.

Owen would like to also a ball, but failed to hit, the Cavaliers had to foul. There are 12.9 seconds when the game, Durant two free throws, the Warriors to 116-113 invincible. James key vote by Iguodala interference, James once again received the ball, but out of bounds. Curry two free throws, James shot again, the Cavaliers had to give up.source:http://www.nbamtcoins.com/

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