Warrior two years the worst war fans are leaving early

Warriors 106-125 loss to the Clippers at home. The third quarter left 3 minutes 03 seconds, 15 points behind the warriors to give up this game, and many brave fans also rare early exit.

The game, Warriors less Shuili Brothers, but in the first two and a half, the defending champion control the situation. However, from the second half of the third quarter, Lu Wei lead the Clippers hit a wave of violent counterattack, not only go-ahead score, but also extend the lead to double-digit.

The middle of the fourth quarter, the Warriors replaced Durant again, but because of the larger points behind the points, and Durant is the only reliable offensive point Warriors, the result he failed to turn the tide.

Remaining 3 minutes 03 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Cole replaced Durant, announced to give up this game, is tantamount to throw in the towel. See this scene, there are many Warriors fans have got up and exit early. Since the rise of the Warriors, such a scene in Oracle Arena is still relatively rare.

It is worth mentioning that the Warriors lost 19 points today, and they last lost at least 19 points at home, or the regular season opening of the 2016-17 season.buy now

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