United strongest talent resurrection killing device

Manchester United 1-0 victory over Aston Villa, made new 2-game winning streak to start the season. Van Gaal in the formations of the field out of a Jones, teenager Gunuzhayi surprising is discharged into the starting, and tearing up the 10th place, while the final is by virtue of the Belgian Red Devils Yaoxing goal, only in Away taking all three points. Gunuzhayi this goal not only for the Red Devils got the victory, it is possible to change himself and Manchester United in the new season’s trends.

Although Manchester United to a 1-0 victory over the Spurs in the first round, but the team on the offensive which is still subject to a lot of criticism. Especially new signing Pres play is not particularly desirable in the attacking midfielder position, which led Van Gaal to adjust the lineup. The campaign to face Aston Villa, Manchester United manager has made decisive strain, he will move to the left-wing Pres, while the Jianuzhayi into the starter, push the position of attacking midfielder. And Van Gaal’s evolutions have also been endorsed by experts – Phil Neville said: This is the first Belgian nearly six months starting “In my fancy, the 10th position is the best position Jianuzhayi of.” This change has played a really miraculous.
Gunuzhayi the position of attacking midfielder running very flexible, very aura, he makes the whole system more agile Manchester United, change is more. The first half, 29 minutes, Manchester United played with the left, Mata after the ball, suddenly observed Jianuzhayi forward runs, the Spaniards came a crossing pass extremely accurate timing of the entire pass It grasp seamless, even more amazing is that after Gunuzhayi ball, was extremely calm, he did not direct a shot, but with a deft left foot buckle, just go past the former Manchester City star Richards , directly followed by the right foot hit the far corner, though this time another defender Clark has come to fill the seats, but the ball hit Clark remains after flying into the net! After the goal, on the sidelines of coach Louis van Gaal is also very excited shook his fist, which is among the finest creations of his tactics.

Taking into account the goals of Manchester United in the first round is an own goal from Tottenham, Jianuzhayi goal is to break into the real sense of the new season Manchester United 1 goal. This name on a grain of league goals Yaoxing Belgium dates back to April 2014 against Newcastle match, before the field goal, Jianuzhayi have 1169 minutes scoring drought, which he He bypassed the windows of paper a ball.

“Sky Sports”, said: “This is a very good start, Jianuzhayi also with actions prove that he can provide help for Manchester United.” We can say that Jianuzhayi goal also came just in time, before Sander Lan has been on loan from Manchester United hope Gunuzhayi, but Van Gaal has decisively rejected: “We will not sell any team Jianuzhayi, because we thought he could get a place in the team which he can bring help, which I have no doubt. “Indeed in the case of Robin van Persie, Falcao, Mary will leave the club, extraordinary talent Jianuzhayi should be able to get more opportunities, but tonight’s game can be said Fan Gal for an important study Jianuzhayi Belgian genius produce the perfect answer!

Of course, objectively speaking, Jianuzhayi in the 10th position has not done with ease, in a series on contact between the midfield and Rooney and other issues, Jianuzhayi performance was slightly tender. But the new season, the first time in this position, a key goal for Van Gaal Gunuzhayi build confidence and win the trust of enough.

Ferguson said: “Jianuzhayi is our best player talent.” And small ¬†after today’s race also praised Gunuzhayi talent even higher than Manchester United to pay big bucks to buy German wear. The sluggish performance last season supernova resurrection, for Manchester United is undoubtedly of great significance. He even had the opportunity to bring a new tactical revolution frontcourt of Manchester United.

In determining Rooney after the play center, Van Gaal in the AMC and video front location has not been able to find the most appropriate choice, Pres appeared agitated in this position, Mata and Herrera more suited to the midfield, And count on midfielder Schneider forest, pig, who spearhead even more shy. Even Pedro will join more suitable location is the wing, from that perspective, if Gunuzhayi can maintain this performance, then he has the opportunity to compete for the starting position of attacking midfielder, Belgian Genius may be the biggest variable array Hao Reds 400 million. Giggs then personally selected the 11th successor, perhaps now own just welcome the opportunity to show its mettle.