United exposure formalized new 7th


In Mary determined to leave Manchester United, the Red Devils jersey No. 7 will become vacant, who will become the new owner of Manchester United’s legendary number is definitely worth the wait. And from the “Telegraph” news “Daily Mail” and many other British media, the new owner of this number is likely to be Manchester United’s new aid Pres.

“Telegraph” said Pres Van Gaal has told Manchester United he wants to wear jersey No. 7, although Van Gaal now I have not yet determined the number assigned team, but he exhibited for Pres want to put on the 7th of strong desire impressed with Van Gundy believes it represents a strong self-confidence and ambition Pres. In the previous few warm-up match, Pres jersey number is on the 9th, but apparently put Manchester United on the 7th most symbolic is more interesting to Pres.
According to regulations, each team needs to submit a new Premier League season, the player’s number on Friday, “The Telegraph” said that if Mary transfer can be completed Friday morning, it will do so to get Pres Manchester United on the 7th war gowns. Took this legendary number Best, Robson, Cantona, David Beckham and C Luo, who pass through, which is undoubtedly very important in terms of the Pres.

Des-Pres in the summer of 2500 pounds worth move to Manchester United from PSV Eindhoven, a lot of people compared to the young man his C Ronaldo, considered two of the style they are very close, and now is expected to be like C Pres Ronaldo put Manchester United number seven shirt.