Thunder win over the Celtics away ferocious

Thunder on the road to 130-109 victory over the Celtics.

Thunder (46-22) two-game winning streak. Kevin – Durant had 28 points, nine assists and seven rebounds, Russell – Westbrook 24 points, five rebounds and five assists, two people played only three quarters. Sergio – ibaka 14 points. Bench Innis – Canterbury 17 points and 12 rebounds, Randy – Randy Foye 13 points.

The Celtics (39-29) three-game losing streak, give the location of the eastern third of the Heat. Isiah – Thomas scored 29 points, Avery – Bradley 14 points, Jia Lite – Salin Jie 12 points, Amir – Johnson 11 points and 12 rebounds.

Before the game the two teams ranked third in their division, Thunder in the West behind the Spurs and the Warriors, while the Celtics to a slight lead Miami, ranked third in the East.

Both territories, the western third shows great strength. Durant in front Smart has a height advantage, repeatedly scored easily, but Westbrook once ruled the game, the Thunder an opening wave of attacks hit 9-2, the first section of more than half of them to 18-6 lead. Thunder hit rate has declined since then, but still the first section 35-30 lead. Dual less this section was 9 of 14, won a total of 23 points.

This is the first time since 2012 Durant to fight in Boston, the first section of his 12 points, Westbrook 11 points.

Thunder bench in the second quarter widened the advantage to 52-40 lead, double back on the court less, continue to strengthen the attack, they end this section with a wave of 8-4, the first half with 66-55 lead. Durant scored 17 points in the first half, five rebounds and four assists, Westbrook 17 points and four assists. Less Jai – Crawford, no one can prevent the Celtics Durant.

Before the match, Celtic nearly 15 home lost only one game, but today early trouble. The third quarter and 3 minutes, Westbrook third hit, Thunder to 98-71 lead. Thomas also to break after a ball, Durant even vote with a penalty scored three points, the Thunder score Pobai 101-73 lead with 28 points. After three sessions, Thunder 108-81 lead.

The outcome of lost suspense. The fourth quarter and 9 minutes 23 seconds, the Thunder 116-86 lead with 30 points. The Celtics shot a wave of 12-0 after chasing the score 98-116, but they were unable to narrow the gap to 15 points or less, but to accept defeat. | 502: Bad gateway

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