The Clippers beat the Hornets

Clippers at home overtime bitter fight to 124-121 Lectra Hornets. The Clippers (36-23) ended two straight. Blake – Griffin scored 43 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, JJ – Reddick 22 points, De Andre – Jordan 20 points and 19 rebounds, Chris Paul – 15 points, 17 assists and 9 rebounds. Hornets (25-34) General Kemba – Walker scored 34 points, Nicholas Bartum 31 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists(click buy nba 2k17 mt), Jeremy Lamb 19 points and six rebounds, Frank – Cummings Base 16 points.

Hornets finally won a victory, the end of the five-game losing streak, and today have to face the Clippers, they also played very tenacious. Section 2 and 2 minutes, Reddick hit two recorded three points, the Clippers played a wave of 8-0, to 59-51 lead. The Clippers were the leading double-digit, leading by 66-51 in the third quarter. But Walker and Bartum have also three points, the Hornets began to fight back, after only three to 80-84 behind. Hornets in the fourth quarter several times overtake, both sides into the tug of war. This section there are 2 minutes and 14 seconds, Barnes hit third, the Hornets to 108-107 go-ahead. Griffin immediately also with three points, and then steals succeeded. In this section there are 48.2 seconds, Griffin grabbed offensive rebounds, shooting and causing a foul, even with a penalty to win the 3 points, the Clippers to 113-108 lead. 5 points advantage and did not last long. Walker also to one-third of the shot in the absence of Paul, this section there are 11.9 seconds(click nba mt), Walker caused a foul, two free throws, he just pull the score at 113-113. Paul shot again, the two teams into the overtime.

The Hornets scored for the first time after playing three hours in overtime, and Bartum’s innings made them 116-115 go ahead. Griffin even with a penalty to 3 points, Paul also shot, the Clippers to 120-116 into the last 1 minute. Lamb scored four points, the two sides again draw. Griffin in the game there are 20.7 seconds when the foul, two free throws, the Clippers lead by 1 point. Hornets have the opportunity to lore, but the critical moment was steals, Paul Clippers layup, Jordan grabbed offensive rebounds, tipped score, the Clippers in the game there are 3 seconds ahead of 3 points. Clippers after taking foul tactics, Walker made two free throws. Griffin grabbed the rebounds, two free throws, the Clippers lead 3 points. Hornets grabbed the rebounds after only 0.1 seconds, failed to create a miracle.