Strength list: Warriors back to the top of the Rockets third

NBA official announced the latest issue of the strength of the rankings, the Warriors back to the top, the Spurs and the Rockets ranked second and third, the Cavs rose to fourth(click buy mt).

1, Warriors (55 wins and 14 losses)

Ranking last week: 2

Rhythm: 102.6 (2) attack: 112.9 (1) defense: 101.3 (2) net victory points: +11.6 (1)

Although Curry in the game against the Bucks three-pointers 8-for-6, but his third touch is really looking back, it is still unknown. But some rest time and home game so that the Warriors on the defensive end to retrieve the rhythm. Last week the Warriors defeated three opponents – 76 people, the magic and the Bucks, each round of the score are limited to 1 point or less. Since the end of the All-Star weekend, the Warriors’ defensive efficiency is still the league’s first.

2, the Spurs (53 wins and 16 losses)

Ranking last week: 1

Rhythm: 96.8 (27) attack: 109.6 (6) defense: 101.0 (1) net victory points: +8.6 (2)

After the absence of 2 games, Adelaide returned, but the Spurs suffered a two-game losing streak, and they have three consecutive games so that opponents every 100 rounds at least 100 points, this is the first time this season, the Spurs.

3, the rocket (48 wins and 22 losses)

Ranking last week: 3

Rhythm: 102.1 (4) attack: 112.2 (2) defense: 105.6 (14) net victory points: +6.5 (3)

Although the performance of his teammates is not stable enough, but Harden has four consecutive games to get three pairs, averaging 34.3 points. Although we all know Oscar – Robertson is on a season averaging three pairs of players, but also need to point out that the big O is also averaging 29 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists, and This is Harden this season to play the data.

4, knight (46 wins and 23 negative)

Ranking last week: 6

Rhythm: 98.6 (15) Offensive: 111.0 (3) Defense: 107.5 (21) Minute points: +3.6 (6)

Knight’s lineup is still not complete (Korver still absent), but Loew’s return to the Cavaliers lineup from the integrity and further step. Yesterday the Cavaliers beat the Lakers away, the Big Three together scored 101 points to help the Cavaliers become the first lock the playoffs seat of the eastern team.

5, Thunder (40 wins and 29 losses)

Ranking last week: 8

Rhythm: 100.6 (7) attack: 105.2 (15) defense: 105.2 (10) net victory points: -0.0 (14)

Thunder recently made this wave of 5 straight, Westbrook averaged 26.6 points and 14.4 assists, but his turn rate from 41.4% to 35.7%. This wave of 5-game winning streak is the Thunder this season, one of the best time to attack, every 100 rounds can get 115 points, and let the Thunder have the opportunity to rise to the west fourth.source: