Salt Lake City bid farewell to Bryant 5 of 5 stars

Kobe Bryant career in Salt Lake City last fight ended in defeat, the Lakers 75-123 loss to the Jazz.

The Lakers (15-59) early collapse – Kobe Bryant 11 vote 1, 5 points and 2 assists. Jordan – Clarkson 12 points, is the only starter in double figures, Roy – Hibbert 8 points and 6 rebounds. Off the bench Louis – Williams 16 points.

Jazz (37-37) hit rate of over 50%, Trey 32 cast 17. Rodney – Hood all 30 points in the first half income, Shell Man – Mark 17 points and five assists, Derek – Phevos 14 points and nine rebounds, Gordon – Hayward 11 points and six assists. Bench Trevor – Booker scored 17 points.

Whatever the result of the game, Bryant is less negative and more wins in Salt Lake City, including playoff games, including when he was here it was 14 wins and 26 losses. Today’s outcome is not any suspense, the Jazz in the first three quarters almost gave Bryant a losing battle.

Although the injury in the body, but his career last guest in Salt Lake City, Kobe Bryant is still the starting lineup. Lakers feel bad after the opening, while the Jazz 17-2 to end a wave of this section, in order to widen the gap to 34-16. Bryant first section 5 vote only 1, only 2 points, his teammates not to force too much.

Hood outbreak. He first section 5 vote 5, including four three-pointers, one scored 14 points. Section II he remained hot hand, and hit four three-pointers. After more than half of this section, Hood third consecutive hit, jazz to 54-31 lead. In this section there are 2 minutes 49 seconds, Hood has hit two consecutive three-pointers, leading the Jazz to 62-33 with 29 points. 9 from three-pointers in the first half Hood 8, a person would have 30 points, but the Lakers had 37 points, the Jazz scored 64 first half points.

Section III Bryant prevent Hood, did not let him score, but jazz and others to come forward, the gap is still widening. In this section there are 2 minutes 56 seconds, Hayward hit two free throws, the Jazz lead to 91-49. Williams is also credited with third, the Lakers status slightly. Hayward hit a record third, the Jazz lead to 98-58 40 minutes, and ended the first three quarters.

Kobe IV early departure, the audience came to a standing ovation. Bryant final 11 1 vote, scored five points in his presence, the Lakers lost 44 points. This is the worst record of Bryant’s career.

No suspense early victory, the Jazz 15-3 to start the fourth quarter, when the game with 7 minutes 17 seconds to 113-61 lead of 52 points.

In the two teams clash in the history of both the biggest points difference is 46 points, the Lakers win both times. However, in Bryant’s career last fight, the first time the Jazz win 40 points or more, but also refresh the two teams clash in the points difference record.

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