Rockets and Nuggets reach agreement transactions Lawson


According to Yahoo Sports reported that the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets have reached a deal, the Rockets sent La Papa Nicholas, jope, Joey – Dorsey, Nick – Johnson and a protected 2016 first-round picks, in exchange for the Nuggets starting point guard Thailand – Lawson.

According to Wal-God revealed the Nuggets in the deal also sent a 2017 second-round draft picks.

Last week, Lawson because of drunk driving and arrested in Los Angeles, and this was his second consecutive arrested for drunk driving in six months, and will therefore enter alcohol treatment center.

27 years old, Thailand – Lawson is one of the NBA’s most talented point guard. Last season, he played 75 times on behalf of the Nuggets, averaging 15.2 points, plus 9.6 assists (career-high third in the league).

In fact, the Nuggets last season to try to Lawson traded, but has not been successful. This summer, though Lawson caught off trouble, but he is still subject to a number of NBA teams interested. Recently, news that, at least the Lakers [microblogging], rocket and piston three teams are interested in trading for Lawson.

This year’s NBA free-agent market, the Rockets performance was rather low-key, they could not catch up with any one big-name free agent, but this time, Lawson Morey traded for point guard as good as this, and make up One bit stronger Rockets.

When the Rockets in the Western Conference finals this year, was eliminated the Warriors, James – Harden the farewell party of the season the team has expressed a wish to be able to introduce another playmaker, and Thailand – Lawson has no intention of joining the organization can be on the offensive Harden sharing aspect is a lot of pressure.

This year the free agent market, the Rockets also re-signed last season’s starting point guard Patrick – Beverly. But with the arrival of Lawson, Beverly bench next season may be the role.