Rockets a key data skyrocketed

On a victory over Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets rebounds a huge advantage. In this regard, James – Harden said that this is very important, is a key part of the game process(click nba mt).

After losing to rivals to the Timberwolves and the Pacers, Mike D’Antoni has warned the team to pay attention to this. Since then, the Rockets 4 wins and 2 losses, winning the game there are three rebounds than the opponent, while the rebounds behind the game lost two games. Nearly two games over the Bulls and Knights, the Rockets are rebounds to 53-43.5 lead.

On a victory over the Cavaliers, the Rockets total rebounds to 52-38 lead, offensive rebounds to 20-4 lead.

“It’s very important,” Harden said. “It’s a lot of time for us to make sure we keep our opponents out of hand and play with rebounds, and even Lewis (Williams) has grabbed six rebounds. This is the key to the game A ring. ”

This season’s rebounds more than the opponent’s game, the Rockets 28 wins and 5 losses, which grabbed at least 10 opponents than the opponent’s game, the Rockets 12 wins and 1 loss.source: