Rocket win

From Oklahoma to win a rocket back to the nest with the Thunder for the first round of the fifth game, but also the last chance of the Thunder. But the final rocket scared into the second round of the playoffs door, the Thunder to stop there(click buy mt 2k17).

The Rockets in the playoffs are a slow team, in the past four games, the Rockets have three games are the opponent to suppress the opponent, the field is the end of the second section to tie the score. The first half of the rocket with more inside attack slowly over the Thunder, the second half of the rocket began more than three attempts, but the effect is not ideal, the Rockets hit the third of only 16.2%. The end of the third quarter of the Thunder side of the performance has been warmer, the score again over the rocket, plus the referee severely criticized Harden and inside a total of two fouls, the referee has repeatedly been rocket fans players curse, and even the rocket boss Alexander from The field stood up and yelled at the referee. Mike – D’Antoni said for the rocket’s slow problem, perhaps because the opponent is a thunder, and perhaps because the rocket is entering the state is relatively slow, and can not determine the real reason, “we are trying to solve this problem, and do not know a We’ve been like this for the whole season, so we can only take it.

Despite the end of the playoffs, the Thunder coach or the gentleman congratulated the Rockets into the second round, praised the Rockets this season’s outstanding performance, “We have underestimated the rocket’s defensive ability, because they are offensive Put a lot of data, so we ignored their defensive ability.We are a team with the game, the defensive value of the team gradually increased.One another focus is to review the data of our past game, you can find two Only the biggest difference in the performance of the team on the free throw side, the rocket free throw percentage is always higher than the Thunder, which is a huge difference.

Westbrook averaged 37.4 points in the playoffs, 11.6 rebounds, 10.8 assists ended his playoff tour. After the game conference, Wei less emotional very low. Westbrook and Beverly took place some unpleasant in the field today, and the two in the post-match interview is also not Rao each other. Beverly said that while Westbrook had 47 points, but his number of projections has reached 34 times, the implication is not too good to play, his high score is the number of high projection brush out of. Followed by Westbrook in an interview that Beverly said to him in the field that they belong to the league defense of the first echelon of the people, Westbrook that Beverly should be in the nonsense, dream of the league is the strongest defense team The

The new Houston team, built up last summer, grew up in constant running and approaching the final goal, James Harden said it all meant to him, “we were together Building the team and building the trust between us to come today, and Louis has joined us at the end of the regular season to make a lot of contribution to the Rockets, especially when we are struggling. The first round we played well, though Not every game is perfect, the next round we need to do a good job facing the difficult game preparation. “Harden as a team leader, said he did not worry about tonight such a bad state of their own,” our team Everyone is convinced that they and their leaders can play the ball together, so good results naturally come to the door, so when I am struggling, I am not very worried. “Louis – Williams said in the and Kazakhstan In the past few months, he has witnessed Harden’s leadership, “he used his example to lead everyone, which made me easier Know what to do, how to cooperate with him.

The next time the game will be in the United States on Monday night, while the opponent is still pending. Spurs at home also won the Grizzlies tonight, no matter who last out, the other side is a hard to crack the opponent.source: