Rocket intentionally left exposed and renewal of Warcraft

It is reported that the rocket program is in full summer chasing Kevin – Durant, rocket high privately confident they chase Durant chance as any team. Because Durant with James – Harden relations are very good, they have done before teammates. Moreover, the salary space rocket, they can renew Howard while Durant to a maximum contract(more nba 2k16 mt).

Rocket program from the perspective of salary no problem if Howard out of the contract, the Rockets next season total wages they dropped to $ 59 million. And Lawson worth $ 13.2 million contract to a non-guaranteed, if we cut Lawson payroll rocket will be dropped to about $ 45 million. Taking into account the salary cap will surge to $ 90 million, the Rockets have a lot of space available, they do have capital renewal while introducing Durant Howard.

The source also revealed that, Howard, I do not want to be traded, he wants to stay with the Rockets finish the season and then again in the summer to talk about a contract with the Rockets.

Since taking office Morey, the Rockets have always liked the trade deadline a few transactions recently carried out, which makes opponents believe the rocket’s position may be shaken, willing to change his mind to give up Howard. But a source insisted, from December last year, around Howard, the Rockets could have been no substantial progress with rival trade negotiations.

This season, Howard may leave a message on another, as well as news that the rocket had sent him to the Heat might change Whiteside. Howard himself said in an interview that he could not control, he now wanted to play well.

“I did not say anything, I can not,” Howard said. “I did not say, the teams will say they want to say, I do not know anything.”

This season, the 30-year-old Howard is averaging 14.4 points, 11.8 rebounds, because of injuries, he was suspended for a total of 40 games played. But the last 20 games, Howard averaged increased to 16.2 points.

This season, Howard $ 22.4 million annual salary, his annual salary next season is $ 23.3 million. However, since the salary cap next season surge, Howard will almost certainly opt out fishing again about a fertilizer.source: