Rocket a deal locked second round This is the most murder trick

Houston Rockets home to 105-99 Lectra Russian city Thunder, with a total score of 4-1 to qualify for the second round. Luis – Williams played well in the field, he played off the bench 33 minutes, 14 of 7 shots, of which three in 6 2, 6 free throw 6, get 22 points and 5 rebounds(click NBA 2K17 MT Coins).

The first round of the first four games, although personal performance is not as good as Russell – Westbrook the world’s best, but James – Harden can proudly said: “My brother and more.” And Lorry is one of them. The first four games, Laui field shot 13.3 times, 18 points and 4 rebounds, the total hit rate of 47.2%, three-point hit rate of 43.8%, are career highs in the playoffs.

The road is more letting Harton feeling: you are so good Rocket start habit of slow, but the second quarter will achieve overtake, credit to remember in this section together to win 15 points of the road and Patrick – Beverly body. Which Lorry scored 7 points, and even once just over half, opponents tactical foul, he was in the edge of a hand throw, the ball actually sound into the net, attracted the audience exclaimed.

Lu Wei broke out again in the fourth quarter, he first cast “touch porcelain” stunt, 5 penalty 5, and immediately soared 3 points. Then Leroy and layup succeeded, the second time also caused the opponent to interfere with the ball violation. In addition, he gave Clint – Capella pass, but also to explain exclaimed: “The Rockets have two Harden!”

With the road, the third half of the second half of the rocket to break the lead, the appearance of the two big brother is also a sharp contrast. Wei less looking dignified, eyes exposed fierce, Harden has held high hands, a look of calm.

Looking at the current round, only 8 people in the rotation of the rocket in the bench score on the dominant, especially inside and the performance of the roadway is appreciated. Veteran inside the field 8 in 5, nearly 2 games a total of 20 17, the media emotion: “last year, signed this year, signed the roadway, the two trading rockets really do not want to earn.

Promotion of the second round, facing more difficult challenges of the rocket, still rely on the inside and the roadway, to know the strength of the replacement is the rocket most kill.source: