Rocket 4 years 8,000,000 signed on the 18th show


According to “Hoops Rumors” it reported that the Houston Rockets in the first round this year already and 18 overall pick Sam – Decker reached a verbal agreement to sign a four-year contract total $ 8,000,000, of which the average annual after 2 Options for the team, in the form of 2 + 2.

According to “Fox Sports” Mark – Berman reported that Decker’s agent, Mark – Battle Stern told him, rockets and Decker sides have reached a verbal agreement. Although Decker has not yet formally signed the contract, but for both sides, but a program.

According to NBA salary experts – Larry Kuhn revealed, NBA teams to offer their first-round pick, is typically 1.2 times the basic salary. In Decker, for example, in the 2015-16 season, his base salary was $ 1,372,000, but he actually could get the hand will be 1.646 million, then yearly (1.72 million the second year, third year 1,795,000 The first four years were 2.76 million, a total of 7.922 million, of which an average team after 2 option).

Wisconsin last season, all the way into NCAA finals, Decker worth have gone up. The striker energetic, has an excellent basketball IQ, and strong performance, but despite his round, but there is no particular color of the technology, and he always ready when the outside shot too long.

Rockets 18th overall selection he was right. Prior to ESPN’s Chad – Ford, “Draft Express” Jonathan – 吉沃尼 and “Hoops Rumors” Eddie – Sikalituo during mock draft, he would have predicted that in the first round of the 16th to 21st overall between selected bits.