Real statement: buy Cristiano Ronaldo please take 1 billion Euro

Cristiano Ronaldo

Although there are many Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumors, but Real Madrid will not be put into the transfer market. For any club interestedCristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid have only one sentence, that is, “If you really want to C Ronaldo, please pay his contract breach of contract payments”, and C Lo breach of contract damages of up to 1 billion euros.
Benitez officially took over Real Madrid this summer about the Whites also discussed the reconstruction of vigorous expansion. After the departure of Ancelotti, Cristiano Ronaldo may transfer the message after another, the British “Mirror” more bluntly, because of dissatisfaction with Benitez and Bell, C Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid. On the problem of the fate of Ancelotti, Cristiano Ronaldo publicly expressed support for the Italians, again Buddha naysayers.
In addition, recently said in an interview, the President of the Paris Nasser release of rhetoric, he said, “The fact that PSG can sign C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, in our club everything is possible.” In fact, Macy’s liquidated damages of up to 250 million Euro, Cristiano Ronaldo penalty is 1 billion euros.
Spain “ABC” revealed that Real Madrid’s attitude is very clear, that is not the Cristiano Ronaldo pushed into the transfer market, the club has no intention to negotiate with any buyer interested to Cristiano Ronaldo. European clubs are very aware of the fact Real Madrid’s attitude, know the current in order to introduce Cristiano Ronaldo, only a viable price, and that is one billion euros. In fact, even with the club out so outrageous price, they have to first reach an agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo job, if Cristiano Ronaldo did not accept the invitation, they out no matter how high the price will not help.
In any case, Real Madrid will not negotiate on the fate of the issue number one star with another club. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid hope to continue to be the leader of the team last season, although Real Madrid failed to get La Liga, Champions League and King’s Cup trophy, but C-state is extremely good, he again got the La Liga and the European Golden Boot. Real Madrid’s football still to a large extent dependent on the Cristiano Ronaldo play, in this case, the club would not dare sell Cristiano Ronaldo