PK exposed Chelsea Manchester United Bayern hit 100 million Mr.

Chelsea’s record this season can be described as weak to the extreme, and now they are only ranked No. 14 in the Premier League standings. To reverse the decline, Chelsea bound recruiting in the transfer market, reinforcing strength. According to “The Mirror newspaper,” said Chelsea now eyeing Bayern star Thomas – Muller.

In the past Chelsea against Tottenham, Diego – Costa Mourinho threw on the bench. Chelsea actually kick the no front array, it also shows that, Mourinho has the team’s star striker grievances to the extreme (Costa won only 17 games this season 4 goals). Even more shocking it is that even in Costa bench, Mourinho anger directed throw clothes. Public opinion generally noted that Costa This is not respect for Mike Mussina. Today, the “Mirror” is further pointed out that Chelsea ready to buy a new top striker to replace Diego – Costa.
“Mirror” now staring at the same time exposing the Chelsea goal – Bayern pricing up to 100 million euros in the king-class players Muller. TAG intends to purchase Chelsea Bayern offensive superstar, thereby to strengthen the team’s front line strength. Mueller how good? Look at his stats: Present on behalf of Bayern Munich played 325 times, scoring 141 goals assists and 109 times! This season, Muller played 21 times, scoring 20 goals up. Such stable data, in addition to Macy C Luo, the football players rarely able to reach. As a result, if Chelsea can successfully buy Muller, then the Blues squad strength will be greatly enhanced.

However, Muller’s eye, can not be Chelsea. Manchester United has always been an admirer of Muller, long ago, the German media have exposed material, the Red Devils hope Howard hit 70 million pounds to acquire Mueller. As a result, Chelsea want to buy Mueller, it is bound to have a positive and Manchester United to start PK. For the future of Muller, the legendary German player Lothar Matthaeus also gives advice, he said:. “Muller does not need to go to Manchester United or Chelsea, Barcelona might be able to get him, but the player may not be able to adapt their style of play.”

Prior to that, “Football tribe” of a column made for Muller future analysis, the article pointed out that Mueller did not want to leave Bayern though, but the face of the Premier League tyrannical increasingly “crazy” offer, Bayern eventually perhaps, or Muller could not keep.

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