Pelican two-game winning streak

Pelicans (15-27) two-game winning streak, winning four games in the last five games. General Eric – Gordon was sidelined for about a month, “eyebrows brother” Anthony – Davis scored 32 points and seven rebounds, Terrick – Evans 22 points and 10 assists, Norris – Cole and Oumo – Asik each had 12 points and eight rebounds. Bench Ryan – Anderson scored 13 points(click nba 2k16 mt ).

Pistons (23-20) are almost the audience behind. “Drummond” Andre – Drummond had 19 points and 22 rebounds, Caldwell – Pope 23 points, Oelsen  10 points. Bench Brandon – Jennings 20 points.

Gordon because his right hand ring finger injury, has been surgery, to be out about six weeks, a record 90 consecutive games played ended.

Injuries to become the biggest trouble this season pelican, the team only Alonzo – Kyrgyzstan one person participated in all 42 games.

Pistons confidence recently, after three games to win two games, respectively, and the Rockets beat the Warriors. But today they did not find the feeling after the opening, early trouble.

Davis and Asik have been basket succeeded, pelicans 13-7 start. Drummond and Morris have been shots fired back, but did not let the opponent pelicans exceeded. Evans hit the third, Davis alley-oop dunks, pelicans widen the gap to 20-13. Pelican was leading by 12 points, the Pistons scored four points conclude this section, chasing the score 27-35.

Pelican basket have Davis and Asik, they strive in the face of Drummond, but they also take advantage of the perimeter. II began shortly after, Alonzo – Kyrgyzstan hit third, followed by Davis fast-break dunk, pelicans to 49-35 lead. Taliaferro also credited with third, but Davis and his teammates after another basket succeeded thereafter, Pelican will expand the advantage to 20 points or more. Jackson hit the last ball of this section, the Pistons still 53-72 behind.

Asik one person had six points, pelicans in the third quarter to expand the advantage to 78-55. But then they hit rate has dropped, Caldwell – Pope hit the third, the Pistons 11-2 wave of wave of attacks in this section there are 4 minutes 28 seconds, Drummond alley-oop dunk, piston chasing the score 66-80. Pelicans won the first two 72 points, but had 18 points in this section, after three, pelicans to 90-77 lead.

Pistons in the fourth quarter to narrow the gap to single digits, only to 81-90 behind. Evans hit a ball a critical moment, Davis shot twice thereafter, pelicans once again opened the gap to 96-83. In this section there are 5 minutes 24 seconds when Evans hit two free throws, pelicans complete 8-0 wave of attacks to 106-88 advantage to widen again, unable to pose a threat to the 2k16 mt on, build your MyTeam! | 502: Bad gateway

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