Parental leave giant bear Vidal

Chile midfielder Vidal about the transfer was finally settled, according to “Italian football,” the latest news, Juventus general manager Marotta declared Vidal about to go to Germany to join Bayern Munich.

British media revealed more details about the transfer Vidal, reported that Vidal would agree to a four-year contract, and Vidal’s transfer fee will reach 37 million euros plus 3 million euros of floating provisions. Meanwhile Guardiola hopes the midfielder Titans this week to complete the examination as soon as possible.

Vidal last season to help the old woman reached the Champions League final, the league played 28 games and scored seven goals and four assists dedication is absolute hero four consecutive Serie A Juventus. In addition, as the Chilean national team’s core players to help the team this summer for the first time won the Copa America, it can be said to Vidal at club level last season and national team level have gained a good harvest. Tough style, tireless running, to observe good attack these are Vidal label. No wonder Marotta is Vidal’s departure deplored: “Vidal wanted a different experience, it is clear that he is the player we believe he grow here.”

Vidal’s move also drew the attention of the parties to player-coach, former Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes on meritorious said: “Vidal is not only a defensive player, he also can play a role in the attack, so players are not More common is “Chileans for team-mate Sanchez Vidal blessing:” I wish him everything go well at Bayern.