NBA 2K18′ Release Date, Pre-Order News: Shaquille O’Neal Graces Cover of Legend Edition

Shaquille O’Neal may possibly have retired in the National Basketball Association in 2011, but his legacy will continue to reside on in “NBA 2K18.” 2K Sports has just announced that Shaq will be gracing the cover in the upcoming video game’s Legend Edition and Legend Edition Gold(click nba 2k17 mt coins).
To officially announce Shaq’s cover, 2K released a promo where the legendary basketball player is seen giving a faux acceptance speech for getting chosen because the cover athlete. Proving that their long-standing feud is water below the bridge, former teammate Kobe Bryant even makes a funny cameo within the video.

Shaq also released a statement, saying, “I want to thank NBA 2K for their continuous assistance of my basketball and broadcast career. I am excited to become around the cover on the ‘NBA 2K18’ Legend Edition and I hope my fans have a blast playing it up major man style and re-creating my most legendary in-game moments.”

With an NBA career spanning 19 years, Shaq has already been featured on earlier installments of the “NBA 2K” game, specifically “NBA 2K6” and “NBA 2K7.” On the other hand, that is his 1st time around the Legends Edition.

Gamers can now pre-order the “NBA 2K18” Legend Edition. For $99.99, they get a limited-edition Shaq poster, 5 Panini trading cards, exclusive stickers, 100,000 virtual currency, 20 weekly MyTEAM packs, and Shaq-themed in-game items.

Likewise, the “NBA 2K18” Legend Edition Gold is offered to pre-order for $149.99. It comes using a limited-edition Shaq poster, a lenticular cover, 10 Panini trading cards, exclusive stickers, 250,000 virtual currency, 40 weekly MyTEAM packs and Shaq in-game things.

Each covers function Shaq in his signature energy dunk pose. The Legend Edition commemorates his time together with the Miami heat though the Legend Edition Gold shows the athlete with his Los Angeles Lakers jersey.

Meanwhile, for those who choose a pure “NBA 2K18” practical experience, the typical edition is also accessible for $59.99. Pre-orders will incorporate 5,000 virtual currency, ten weekly MyTEAM packs and MyPlayer apparel. Even so, 2K has not however announced the NBA player who will likely be featured on the cover.

“NBA 2K18” might be released on Sept. 19 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation three, Xbox One particular, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows Computer. Even so, players who pre-order the game will get early access on Sept. 15.source: