Mike Mussina suspected then taunt Wenger: 15 years disappointed not coaching


Premier League championship last season, Chelsea and Manchester City clash again in the league, but before the game, the Chelsea coach’s remarks were considered to be in mocking Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Pellegrini last season did not win the Premier League title, although he had just completed the renewal and Manchester City, but he’s job seems not so stable. When a reporter asked whether it still surprised when coach Manuel Pellegrini Manchester City, Mourinho replied: “?. How could it some other clubs, they disappointed 15 years, but the coach never change,” although did not say the name, but the English media generally agreed that it is referring to Mourinho Wenger.

Arsenal last won the league title already in the 11 years ago, although Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger’s war of words is not uncommon, but overwhelmed by the “Telegraph” that Mourinho Wenger’s attack is to divert for their criticism over the past week due to the doctor problem, Chelsea can be described as experiencing a turbulent week.