Messi Barca there is a second!


Chelsea Azar, train break called stunning, then how Barca respond? Without Messi, they have another god:Suarez!

Azar’s goal arrogant, and Suarez’s comeback also reflects a surplus of high quality. The first 52 minutes, Barcelona goal, Suarez showing amazing tricks.

Barcelona once crossing attack, Chelsea defender headed the rescue mistakes, the ball fell to the feet Suarez, the next scene is lovely: the Soviet Union is no God ‘goal, but fake shot really shake, which look to fill the seats deceived over two Chelsea defender, goalkeeper Courtois also messed up the rhythm of this flash, and then, Suarez lightweight rub the ball to draw a high arc, hanging excessive defensive play by head into the door ( Zuma struggling siege invalid).

Suarez’s strong, fully embodies the ball out of his characteristics is varied, diverse tricks, you can never predict his next move. On the pitch, the Soviet Union, God, a radical long-range, there are exquisite tips, flowers alive, and his ability to break drill seam equally amazing. Individual lethality, the Soviet Union is the team closest to God Messi, Barcelona’s “Second Messi”, to get the Triple Crown last season, is not alone Macy’s wonderful play, and Suarez join also closely related.

Suarez fans to nickname, to a certain extent, also reflects its own characteristics. “Su tooth” is biting ridicule him, saying that the Uruguayan side, “Su God” is its amazing ability in the field of cunning, in addition to Messi C Ronaldo, today’s football can be said of God, absolutely We have him.

More unusual is willing to co-Suarez Massey operations, willing his deputy. “For me, Messi is the best player in the world, those who question him difficult to understand.” Neymar is such a mentality, which also achieved the “MSN” harmonious relationship with super fighting. Chelsea midfielder, the former Barcelona star small law said: “MSN perfect fusion, I was born has never seen such a strong like MSN striker combination.”