Messi 20 minutes to solve the game

Barcelona away 2-1 strong Atletico Madrid, Messi once again to show the powerful to the metamorphosis of his strength, he scored the go-ahead after the winning goal off the bench to help Barcelona in the Vicente Calderon stadium had the last laugh.

Before the game, Messi following the Argentine national team in the United States participated in two warm-up match, on Thursday before returning to Barcelona. However, Messi and Barcelona did not participate in joint training on Friday because his second son Madai Ao – Lionel Messi was born on that day. That is, before Messi off Vicente Calderon Stadium, and even did not participate in training 1st Barcelona, ​​which also explains why Messi can only watch 58 minutes before the game from the bench.
Messi on the bench is still the biggest focus of the audience, the scene of the cameras have been trying to capture his every expression of subtle changes. Barcelona early infighting farce still fresh discontent reserve status, Messi and coach Enrique conflicts, and even a heated argument on the training ground ……

Messi this time did not show any discontent, and was even photographed during a grin lens. Enrique gives this explanation after the game: “I talked to him, he is very important for us, we do not want to take risks, he flew on the plane for too long.”

Torres first for Atletico Madrid come out on top, with the Houneimaer direct free kick to tie the game, Messi in the 58th minute substitute Rakitic played, his position is attacking midfielder, behind the main activities in Suarez. Lionel Messi soon instigated the attack, he came over the ball after Neymar, but Suarez did not play a positive part of playing the door. With Hou Meixi also for Neymar brought a very exciting straight, the latter given the opportunity to direct the keeper, but Neymar hit the door was blocked up against the Godin hand, the referee said no.
Excellent condition Messi make Barca fans not to wait too long, the goal soon. 77 minutes into the game, Atletico players restricted area before the mistakes, Alba Barcelona after steals the ball first, then the first time Suarez tap, plug in a small restricted area before Messi calm break, to rewrite the score 2-1 . In this case, the distance is less than 20 minutes Lionel Messi.
In 30 minutes of playing time, in addition to a recorded score, Messi the ball as many as 44 times, contributed three foot hit the door, two key passes, passing success rate as high as 93.3%. In addition, Macy’s also has a very alarming data, a total of 10 times his extraordinary and successful attempt eight times, you know, Atletico Madrid team succeeded only 4 times, and note that Messi only played 30 minutes.
After two rounds before the league encounter ball shortage, Messi finally opened with a 12-foot shot their new La Liga season scoring account, he also became the only one in the last 12 La Liga last season to score all the players. The game was the 64th career Messi for Barcelona off the bench, he also scored his 31 off the bench for the first goal.

The game’s goal is Messi scored the first 287 league goals, but also when he scored against Atletico Madrid in the first 20 league goals, a small flea thus became the fourth hit in the face with a rival 20+ players into the league goals. Messi with 24 goals to overtake Sarah also became the most goals against Atletico Madrid players to surpass C Lo 10 goals to become the highest scoring at the Vicente Calderon stadium visiting players.