Manchester United agreed to sell Jing Bao Degea

This morning, in the warm-up match Manchester United 3-1 Barcelona powerful, for the first time on behalf of the new season, the team played Degea, high low block state is still very brave. However, the outside world is more concerned about Degea transfer rumors, “Marca” exposed the cover of the latest issue of irreparably, Manchester United have agreed to sell him to Real Madrid.

Prior to this, the attitude of Manchester United has been very tough to get Ramos insists De Gea will consider selling, but from the current situation, their attitude has been significantly loosened. “Marca” on the cover, wrote: “Manchester United agreed to sell Degea to Real Madrid, but the two sides in the transfer fee has not been agreed.”

“Marca” said the Manchester United hope to transfer fee of 40 million euros turnover, but the Real Madrid side believes that in the case of Degea only 1 year contract, the price is too high, president Florentino Perez refused to accept the price, the report also said Manchester United did not understand and was very angry.

It seems from the current situation, Manchester United and Real Madrid will continue to mediate on the issue of the transfer fee, but from the agreement should have been not too far away. At a news conference after the game with Barcelona, ​​Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal to retain Degea again: “I very much hope Degea be able to leave.” But he then also said: “However, in this world you can not be expected to occur what.”