Manchester City sitting rocket hurricane

Manchester City away to Crystal Palace, everyone thought would be subjected to strong blocking blue moon, the final outcome of this game is that Manchester City once again to take all three points, with 5 straight victories results continue to lead the standings. So far this season, the Premier League when other despots “faltering”, Manchester City but like rocket ships sitting in a straight line toward the front of the hurricane.

Crystal Palace is not a weak hand, this season they led under Pardew, record abnormal aggressive. Premiership front four, Crystal Palace won three games, which even includes the Premier League champions Chelsea. In fact, the Crystal Palace in the game to Manchester City was causing a great deal of trouble, but may ultimately depend on the perseverance of Manchester City attack, before the end of the game to achieve the lore. In this way, Manchester City again scored 3 points.

After win this game, away to Manchester City in the Premiership now achieve five-game winning streak, the last time Manchester City has made five straight away or take place in 1912, the Blue Moon a war 103 years hit a team record. Previously, the Manchester team has just broken the 103-year-long dusty 9 streak, now the Blue Moon Cross season winning streak has reached 11 games, three shy away from Arsenal in 2002 created a record 14-game winning streak.
Premier League after five games, Manchester City won five straight victories success, the plot 15 points to lead the standings, you know, this is the first time ever in Manchester in September among the Premiership first. More people fear that Manchester City after Game 5 turned up 11 goals scored, the offensive firepower the Premier first. In addition, Manchester City in the five games also do not throw a ball, which shows their defense is first Premiership.

Data show that the last five games without a clean sheet Premier League start of the team only three, namely Manchester United in 1997, 2005 and 2006 Portsmouth Chelsea, Manchester City and now has become the fourth team to do so team. The saying goes, defense is the foundation to win, and now in the case of the Chelsea defense to be labeled as a sieve, the Manchester City defense will undoubtedly become the best in the entire Premier League. Especially in the case of apparent up into Otamendi and Mangala grow, Manchester City is expected to create the best defense in the Premier League this season.

Manchester City in the Premier League record now, almost can be used to describe hurricane sitting in the rocket. Blue Moon in the standings, led the way. Manchester United a lot of problems this season, coach Louis van Gaal has admitted the Red Devils goal is to fight two Conservative. Although Mourinho before the game in this round fooling, said Chelsea’s goal is still to win, but the Blues are in the current round of brutally upset Everton, Mourinho’s team even fall into the relegation zone of danger, not to mention the title race. As for Arsenal, missing top striker would severely limit their red crown journey. Zhu Qiang dilemma, more to bring out a strong Manchester City. Now it seems, Manchester City Premiership season champion doing my first favorite.

Commendable is that Manchester City win without arrogance, Pellegrini will be stressed before the game, Manchester City will be down to earth, not to consider things now after the end of the season. After the game wear handsome re-emphasized this point, he said:. “And other teams – especially the defending champion Chelsea opened the gap is very important, but we have to strive a game we played five games, we also fight other races. “There is no doubt, modest, prudent and powerful Manchester City, the Premier League and now fear has made increasingly Zhu Qiang, the Blue Moon now has full speed ahead towards the Premiership title.