Manchester City new array coincide Gaal God! 49 million new standard king PK C

After a five warm-up matches after formation frame the new season Manchester City have gradually surfaced, Pellegrini is likely to continue to extend their season 4-2-3-1 tactics.

Since the first official warm-up match and Melbourne Manchester City game in more than send young players to play, the reference value is not large, but after Rome, Madrid and the Vietnamese national team is to better reflect the new season wear handsome tactical ideas . Rome and Madrid in the game, before the game to give the starting lineup are 4-3-3 stations, but in the actual game, the wear handsome insisted the 4-2-3-1 formation.

In the first episode of the game with Roma midfielder Fernando III, in Zukulini and Garcia, in fact, Fernando and Zukulini constitute three double waist Manchester City midfielder configuration, Garcia became the double waist before a member of attackers; in the Real Madrid game, Yaya – Toure and midfielder Fernando appeared in the two-position, one of the three who had been forecasting midfield Delphi were arranged in a left winger position.

Yesterday evening with Vietnam national team warm-up match, Pellegrini is clearly beginning to put a 4-2-3-1 formation, teenager Evans and Garcia as double waist, three attack Hand Silva center, Stirling Navas on the right on the left, the lone striker teenager Kele Qi. Because after the game, before the start of the Premier League Manchester City and Stuttgart only a game, the field’s formation is likely to be commonly used in the formation of the new season Pellegrini drills, Chileans will team over one hundred million pounds worth expensive offensive line continue to arrange 4231’s formation.

Sterling City in the new season lineup appears in what position is one of the issues that most concerned about the fans, from the point of view of several warm-up matches, against Real Madrid when Sterling has appeared in video front position, Coincidentally, Manchester United this summer, the grand launch of the “new C Lo” Pres these games Rooney has also been placed in the position behind the video front. Two capable sidewalk and road, but at the same time be arranged relatively new star in the film between the front position, will be evaluated this summer signings window Man City duo one of the important results of reference.

Sterling also need to adapt to the video front location, while the opposite is when and Rome and Vietnam in the game as a left winger, has enough space Stirling sprint can bring their own power, moreover Manchester City team striker position has been With Aguero and Boni, there are rumors of leaving the team into a dominant, Stirling is more likely as an attacking midfielder, one of the three, is scheduled Pellegrini winger position, he’s on the other side probably wear handsome love will Navas. In the lone striker position, if there is no injury, Aguero will remain the first choice of engineers in Chile.

Since there were no tonic, Manchester City midfielder will continue last season’s double configuration, Yaya – Toure partner or Fernando Fernandez Godinho. In the two lower back, and Yaya Toure will undertake support missions more frontcourt while another midfielder and is dispatched to the office behind him fill the seats in the Ivorian defense.

Coincidentally, Manchester City’s rivals Manchester United in the new season likely will adopt 4-2-3-1 formation. Van Gaal in recent warm-up match lineup is true: Wayne Rooney as a lone striker, Pres as attacking midfielder, Ashley – Young and Mata appeared in the wings, Schweinsteiger, Carrick, Egypt Cabrera and Shinaidelin competition double waist position. Horizontal comparison of the two teams line-up, although Manchester United have invested seven thousand pounds in the transfer market, Manchester City is still slightly better.

In a single center position last season’s Premier League top scorer Aguero is undoubtedly the strongest killers in this league, but in the past few seasons are often arranged because the Rooney retracement to the midfield position, scoring efficiency is greatly decreased , in front of the sense of smell has also been degraded, so at this stage Manchester Aguero single center configuration is still stronger than Manchester United.
In attacking midfield position, the Manchester City engines Silva has proven he is the Premier League’s most outstanding one of the organizers, Mata and Silva relatively still slightly worse than a chip – which is also from the Spanish State the status of the two teams to see, Silva and midfielder Juan Mata is just a bench. In comparison winger, though Ashley – Young men last season, Van Gaal outstanding performance, but the fame and social status can not be compared with the 49 million Stirling, while Pres although play well on the warm-up match, still need to prove himself in the Premier League in the race – the last few seasons, Stirling has done this.

Manchester City winger in the starting position known only Navas weaker one, but the Spanish winger is typically greater than the strength of fame player, he did not get enough attention and that he had also suffered homesickness troubled, reluctant to move away Sevilla joined the big club concerned.

Although both use 4-2-3-1 formation, but Manchester United and Manchester City in the tactical arrangements are still some minor differences. Manchester United has a formation of two wingers against the foot, so the winger cut inside and plug assists backs will be the main content of the wing attack, while Manchester City center-right front Navas then give the team more direct pass. In addition, a greater array of brain Manchester Silva range of activities to 比马塔 range of activities, often cruising to Silva and his teammates formed with two wings, and Mata was placed in the right wing because of their position It may just be more activity in the right and middle.

Making determined efforts of Manchester City and vowed to return to the red and blue king throne between Manchester United and Commander, will be one of the main theme of the new Premier League season. How showdown between the results of two coach Manuel Pellegrini and Van Gaal 4-2-3-1, let us wait and see!