Liverpool 4-0

Liverpool’s pre-season opener 2015/16 season warm-up match started competing in 拉加曼加拉 National Stadium, Liverpool 4-0 away victory over Thailand All-Stars, Markovic, Nicolas and La Lana has broke, Ao Liji two degree hit the post after icing on the cake, Captain Henderson two assists. Liverpool then will go to Australia to continue the warm-up tour.

New aid Ince, Gomez and Bogdan first appearance for Liverpool. After just two minutes, Weston right pass, 10 yards Markovic positive entry would play into the hands heel shot. Liverpool’s third-minute lead, Teixeira forward pass, go past the goalkeeper after a small upper right corner of the penalty area Markovic low Kongmen network. Jia Kapan direct free kick shot just wide. Ross Patel crossing, Ince shot at close range was saved, and then also Malkovich blank range by goalkeeper denied the bottom line.

Ince corner melee Tongshe break, but goalkeeper Nicolas collision foul earlier, the goal was disallowed. Lambert right pass, header Ross Patel small restricted area before the goalkeeper was again brave rescued. Liverpool 42 minutes to expand the score, Ince won the corner, out of Teixeira, Nicolas strength far point 10 yards header at goal, 2-0. Thailand All-Star team six weeks ago lost 1-0 Premiership champions Chelsea 2-2 draw last week the Championship club Reading.

Dump heavy rain in the second half, replacing all 11 Rogers, the new aid Milner, Klein and Ao Liji first appearance for Liverpool. The first 52 minutes, Henderson pass, La Lana restricted left side 14 yards low shot into the far corner 3-0. Maguire left low pass, but Ao Liji missed the ball slightly before the point shovel. Henderson was asked the beam light lob goalkeeper.aoliji with Henderson breakthrough after kicking the wall with the outer edge of the area low shot to the right side column pop-up.

But last season on loan to Lille, Belgium striker is still being spent shipped, he Dianshe volley 10 yards hit the outside of the right column of the pop-up again. Maguire cross from the left, Henderson 14 yards the first time fire was saved by the goalkeeper. 86 minutes, Henderson corner, Ao Liji 10 yards headed home, 4-0.

Liverpool Half-time lineup (4-4-2): Bogdan 34-; 12- Gomez, 4 Toure, 17-Nicolas, 47- Weston; 53- Teixeira, 21 Lucas Ross Patel 46-, 50- Malkovich; 28- Innsbruck, 9 Lambert

Liverpool played the second half line-up (4-3-3): 22- Mignolet; 2 – Klein, 37- Skrtel, 6 Lovren, 57- Maguire; 24- Joe – Alan , 14 Henderson, 7 Milner; 33- Abby, 27- Ao Liji, 20 La Lana | 502: Bad gateway

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