Live – Chi Geyinmeixi suffered a black Su elbow mistakenly hit the back of God

Germany Local 6 20:45 in the evening, remarkable Champions League final in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium to war, Sina reported group tracking reports ahead of the game, and recording the scenes and off the field exciting moments.


Although the game will not start until the evening local time, but we have a pedestrian about four hours in advance to take the city rail line S5, arrived at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin after dark due to the relatively late, about 22:00 in the evening until the sun goes down, So when we arrived at 5 pm, it is scorching sun, the hottest time.

However, although withstand the heat, but it is already fans scattered in groups around the stadium, at the Olympic Stadium door, we obviously feel that the number of Juve fans groups to more than Barcelona, ​​or Barca fans most Late arrival sake of it


Put on a press pass, put on UEFA to distribute the vest, we went straight through the fan base to advance into the stadium, came news, reporters from around the world already filled seats, and work with reporters area separated by a wall is post-match press conference venue. Allegri and Enrique accepted the media after the game in an interview here.

Since our goal shooting position behind Barcelona, ​​so the entire first half, we almost did not see anything exciting performances on this side, sometimes several highlights, such as Bo Geba in that the restricted line fell to the ground , causing the audience boos sky. On the contrary, we are very far away from that one in front of the ball, but is jittery. But rather on this side of the blonde caddy attract attention of the author.

After the second half Easy side, the side of the goal began to frequent threats. For example Boge Ba in the penalty area before shoving a handful of Suarez, who fell to the ground and even I could hear him screaming voice.

The real climax in Suarez will score again after the Soviet Union after scoring God flying directly across the railing to the Barcelona fans area, I saw the side of photography and picture the reporters of fashion, but also a horse rushed past, although start That’s what reporters are slower than their peers, but still with a young and dynamic run ahead, so that the Soviet embrace Neymar God when I was brakes less, met Suarez back, then press the shutter to record this distance is almost instant.


The next time full access to the Barcelona time, depletion after 90 minutes, really exciting moment has finally begun. The author behind while Barcelona fans sang team song, while there are rhythmic chanting “Messi! Messi!”

After the game, the most emotional excitement is Neymar, he put on his white hair band, followed by a hair band covered his eyes, kneeling on the ground and cried bitterly, at this moment, his inner feelings in rushing, slightly After his Barcelona team-mate Rafinha a press him in the arms, this scene, people moving.

In the wild celebrations in the crowd, a large coffee Messi has maintained a very low profile until his teammates celebrated almost after Messi and Xavi together before, holding the Champions League trophy taken the course, to the Barca fans in the stands, which look, photography and pictures reporter who is a rush of activity, the tightly surrounded Messi and Xavi, unfortunately, this time I did not able to squeeze into the group of reporters photographed Messi, by several anti-body strength Zhuang colleagues stand in the periphery, in the fight for position in the process of European and American big burly reporter intentionally or unintentionally gave the author an elbow.

After reading the Pique net cut, warm scene appeared, Pique picked up a little in Milan, deep Qinliaoyikou, then Bucikesi uncle and hugged him, Barcelona surrounded by several uncles together Milan play little teasing.