Lakers starting center Grizzlies exposure thrown intentionally

Since Mark – Gasol injury return date uncertain, the Grizzlies need to add fifth place. To this end, they could get the Lakers starting center Hibbert transactions(click MyTeam Coins).

For the Grizzlies, the small plus injury comes at a bad time. They currently 31 wins and 22 losses ranked fifth in the West, and in the past 15 games won 11 games.

In the case of injury plus small, the Grizzlies still have a chance this season to get through a big deal. Previously, ESPN famous reporter Mark – Stein has reported that the Lakers Hibbert has been put on the shelf, it is learned Hibbert I hope to join a playoff team.

According to the bleachers David – Murphy reported Hibbert could be Gasol “short-term stand-in.” Although the output of the two centers is not a level, but Hibbert is still able to provide the Grizzlies beat the traditional halftime style.

According to Murphy, he said the Lakers will send Hibbert, from the Grizzlies in exchange for Jeff – Green and Brandon – Wright.

Poorly this season, the Lakers situation has entered rebuilding mode, so if the transactions, they need to exchange contract expires.

This season has been played 0.8 seconds to empty lore Jeff – Green is in the final year of the contract, making him a popular candidate transactions this season. Meanwhile, 28-year-old Wright still left three-year contract, but he can become the Lakers redevelopment project is an integral now