Kobe vs sun grudge history be the end

The sun was not really the Yankees, but for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, but it has many unforgettable memories.

In 1990, the Lakers 63 wins and 19 losses record in the league sitting on coach Pat Riley – the best coach into her arms, but the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals, but suffered a sun sniper final 4 to 1 upset out.

In 1993, after “Magic” Johnson retired, the Lakers into the playoffs as the eighth west, first round opponent is the sun was 62 wins, previously the case under the two cities, and eventually the sun Lianban reversed out of three.

In 2000, the Lakers in the Western semi-final encounter sun again, this is since the 1990s, the Lakers in the playoffs for the first time eliminated the sun.

The story behind the more familiar.

In 2006, Bryant led the Lakers against the sun, the fourth double lore Bryant scored 50 points to kill the sun, 3-1 to get the match point; fifth Raja – Bell garrote Bryant, face suspension; sixth Lakers almost necessary to qualify, but since Thomas last six seconds face Kwame Brown – defensive third hit, plus the final Hanfu; to seven games, the Lakers heart gas to scatter the sun reversed 30 points victory over promotion.

The two teams meet again in 2007 in the first round, the Lakers final 4 to 1 is no suspense to be eliminated again. Suns coach Mike D’Antoni then hear “Jackson” Mayfair – Jackson’s remarks when contempt replied: “He may want to try once again failed in the playoffs, because every time we can win.”

Until 2010, Lake talent once again beat the sun. With Artest in the fifth tipped lore to get match point, the final 4 to 2 out of the sun, the championship aspirations.

Both teams have been no no favor, but all because of Bryant’s last visit changed.

The game Kobe Bryant scored 17 points, although the team failed to win the final, but he has received from the highest courtesy of the away fans.

Section 8 minutes and 53 seconds, Bryant face Tucker’s defense, had lost a stride to throw off the defensive in the face Magloire’s defense, Bryant chose their most iconic fadeaway, basketball crashed network, the whole field fans standing ovation.

Next round, Bryant elbow to turn around the ball, still face than their body against better Tucker, Bryant shaking shoulders turned one go, shake from the opponent fouls. Stand on the free-throw line, the audience fans stood and chanted “Bryant.”

At this point his face slightly trembling, had turned into hatred already gone.

When Bryant was replaced in the fourth quarter end, Phoenix fans once again presented him with applause and screams, Bryant went to the sidelines, single lift arm to extend my gratitude to the fans in the audience.

Nothing could survive the hatred in the world, only the legend will stay forever in the heart of this world.get more