After the Knights lost 115-117 to the Eastern Under-Baseball team Hawks

After the Knights lost 115-117 to the Eastern Under-Baseball team Hawks, the clash between the Cavaliers’ starting lineup and the bench was starting to emerge. Dwein-Wade spearheaded the Cavs starting line-up when interviewed after the race.

“It’s no secret we played badly during the start-up phase of the game,” Wade said. “Too bad. The Eagles played very well and we did not have enough hard work or focus during the start. You have to overcome 16 It will consume a lot of energy behind the -18 points, and we all know that, it’s not a secret in the locker room, but our starting lineup has to play better in the opening stages. ”

Wade scored 25 points off the bench today, setting his highest score this season.

The end of the first section of the field, the Cavaliers 28-37 behind, this is their first 10 games this season, the first lag behind.

In addition, the first quarter of the Cavaliers total score of 262 points this season, the total loss of up to 311 points.

“I’m looking forward to one day the first team will blame the second team because we squandered the lead,” Wade said with a smile: “I’m waiting for that day.”

Today’s game, the Knights starting five negatives are negative, Rose -27, Claude -24, James is -4.

“There is no energy.” James also criticized the team’s performance after the game, “Our efforts are very bad, this situation has continued for some time we have to solve this problem, and today we have this problem We do not want to criticize someone individually, but everyone must stand nba 2k18 mt at nbamtcoins.