Josh maximum possible sign rockets

“Bleachers sports” from the payroll perspective of the author discusses Josh – Smith left the possibility of the team, and lists possible under his home.

Josh became a free agent last season, he can be said to be ups and downs, his first to be cut, but the Rockets revitalize. The question is: Where did he go next?

NBA Salary experts – Larry Kuhn has revealed:

“If there had been other teams to sign a CD player, had cut the player from the home team shall pay the remaining salary, payroll cuts off the appropriate number of salary (the team will also lower). This is called the ‘offset clause (set-off)’. This applies to the players and any sign of a professional team, not necessarily the amount of NBA teams. home team specific cuts, will be The new contract for the players and one year veteran minimum (if the player is a rookie, rookie salary instead places) half the difference of. ”

According Spotrac network expects 2015-16 season will be the veteran’s minimum of $ 81.6482 million, and piston have to pay next season Josh 5,400,000.

Therefore, if a team mid-level exception (to 5.464 million next season) to sign Josh, then the Pistons “cut” the amount will be 232.3759 Wan (546.4 minus 81.6482 divided by two), actually paid to his will 307.6241 million. As a result, Josh total revenue next season, will be the annual salary (5,464,000) his new contract and the piston should be paid to his remaining salary sum total of 854.0241 million.

In contrast, if the Rockets use non Bird Josh, they pay up to Josh 2,492,400, the amount of the piston also cuts down 83.7959 million. This means that the Pistons had to pay him 4,560,420, total revenue next season he will be 705.4442 million. It is said that the Rockets hope to convince Josh to accept the latter, after all, only a thin 1.5 million of total revenues, and the Texas tax-free.

Accordingly, prospective Josh away from the rocket in the hands of a team, their offers are actually paid more than doubled, which will affect their interest in Josh’s, after all, they have to consider other risks.

So, Josh might place, what does?

A long line of teams: they do not rush to get Josh, but if he joined the team in which they should not be surprised:

1. Miami: Fours weak team, and is touting – Mario Chalmers. If a small check to join the Rockets, also will become James – Harden perfect partner;

2, the Knicks: Carmelo Anthony – and Aaron – Afflalo will occupy the first two strikers, but Josh is very suitable for the triangle offense, just like Lamar – Lamar Odom of the Lakers;

3, Sun: in off the Marcus – Morris, the sun is its brother Maji Fu – Morris to find a buyer, Josh will complement the team fourth place;

4, Blazers: They just lost LaMarcus – Aldridge, a lack of people inside. Josh is the name of the durable starter, but the Blazers are not the most suitable for him.
Second, the Raptors: in off the array of interior defense ranked second in Amir – after Johnson, the team much-needed interior defender, Josh also very suitable for the Raptors free and open style of attack. Payroll is a major obstacle in signing Demar – Carol, Corey – Joseph and Bismarck – Billon Bo after the Raptors cap space only 413.9189 million.

Third, the king: a signed Rajon – Londo team, why not do it to Josh? Moreover, Rudy – Rudy Gay has started recruiting Josh. If the next season since the formation of Rondo, Marco – Marco Belinelli, Guy, what about and Demarcus – Cousins ​​starter, is still very substantial. Payroll still a big problem, the king of the optional sign for Darren – Collison, but signed Costa – after Ku Fusi, the possibility of doing so is also smaller.

Fourth, the Clippers: team this summer inside a serious loss, in turn contracts with the majority of the middle class – Paul Pierce body. Today, Blake – Griffin is the highest array, Glenn – Davis might pinch center. Josh did not play center, but he was at least as Fours in fifth place when Griffin fight. It is said that the Clippers are interested in for Josh, the Rockets can get a sign for Jamal – Crawford, based team added a second offensive initiator.

Five rockets: Josh most likely still stay in Houston. The maximum possible he leave, there is a team to give him a higher offer, but this is unlikely. Today, the most likely is that he either left the team or become a sign for chips.