I’m crazy Lin Why could not leave New York

With the Heat away the Knicks, Stoudemire returned to Madison. When the interview before the game, Stoudemire recalled his Knicks career, he had thought Lin should stay in New York, but the Knicks could not understand him someone limelight(click nba mt coins).

In early 2012, “Lin crazy” swept the nation, thunder very Jeremy Lin Sheng. But that summer, he left the Knicks, and switch to the Rockets. There were rumors that the relationship between Lin and the Knicks headed star among Anthony disharmony. In this regard, Stoudemire did not name names in an interview, but he acknowledged that someone was jealous of Jeremy Lin Knicks.

“If he (Lin) to stay, then it would be pretty cool. But not everyone wants to see him become a star.” Stoudemire said, “so he’s not a long time to be the Knicks, but Lin is a great, great guy. great teammate. he worked very hard, we have that kind of time to feel proud of him. many times, you must learn to enjoy the success of others, but that time, we do not so. ”

Over the past two years, the Knicks situation is far from ideal, and Carmelo Anthony – continue to be doubts.

“It’s very difficult.” Stoudemire says of Anthony, “When you are in such an environment, you must make sure to make the right decisions for your team and teammates in order to lead your team out of the woods, you have to become a complete player. not everyone can do it, it will not be easy. ”

Then Anthony Stoudemire What advice? “You will face a different choice.” He continued, “if you want to win, that is the primary task. If your body has not allowed you to do this and make your teammates better, so you should set up your side can be a winning combination. as for me, I know the old man’s footsteps are approaching the time, so I want to play with other top players, and let me at least be able to compete in a championship position. “buy now

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