Heat president said Bosh could return this season

Chris Bosh because of a blood clot in vivo, has been sidelined for a long time. Recently, the Miami Heat president Pat Riley – said the Heat Bosh comeback open attitude.

Bosh this season has been detected in vivo blood clot, which leads to a lot of games he has missed. Bosh had since lungs and blood clot in the season last year. This injury to the player’s injury is very large, and may even be life-threatening. And this season, Bosh in early February had been detected in the body re-emergence of blood clot, which had led to his immediate suspension.

Recently, in the heat of the annual gathering of team president Pat Riley, referring Bosh injury, he said: “We support Chris, we have to do now is to wait patiently is so, there is nothing new comment me. very sorry for him and I know he wants to play, we’ll wait and see. ”

When a reporter asked the team to a comeback this season, Bosh’s stance, Riley said: “an open mind, totally open mind that is our position..”

Because to accompany the newly born child, Bosh is the only player absent team dinner. Although Bosh not recently interviewed, but recently he has been following the team training. If the body is allowed, Bosh can comeback in the playoffs, then the Heat is undoubtedly a big good news.

“I’ve been training with the team, watching videos, doing some training without the ball, and will present at home games,” Bosh said, “I’m very positive state of mind, I think I can this season rejoin. ”

Miami area, he said there is no timetable Bosh comeback, when restored to 100 percent, when return, will not return in advance.

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