Harvey behind Casey: Real Madrid so I am very disappointed

Casillas move has ignited controversy in the summer, Real Madrid unseated meritorious manner caused uproar in football. Recently, the Barcelona legend Xavi will sound even behind a friend Casey, he bluntly Real Madrid’s actions made him very disappointed. At the same time, Harvey also said that Macy is Luo greater than C.

Iker Casillas of Real Madrid’s legendary captain, but in the summer, but forced it to leave the club level, and ultimately Casey in a very lonely way to leave Real Madrid. Although Casillas. It does not make a stance on this, but his friend Harvey has stood out for his grievance. Harvey now to join the Al Sadd, a few days ago he published an article in the official website of the team, he said:. “Casillas is my friend, he is also one of the greatest players in football history for the way he left Madrid, I very disappointed because he deserves better way to leave, that is well-deserved. ”

In addition, Harvey also talked about the exploits of former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, Xavi said:. “Guardiola will return to Barcelona at the right time,” Barcelona coach Guardiola at hand to create a “dream three dynasties” After he led Barcelona to win the 13 championship, leaving Barcelona to dump. Many Barcelona Gangster including Harvey, etc., are expected Guardiola to one day return to Barcelona office.

Xavi also spoke about Messi and C Ronaldo, he said: “. C Luo is very great, but Messi is clearly the greatest” to fight the status of Messi and C Ronaldo, Harvey showed his concise attitude.

World Cup last year, as defending champion Spain in the group stage they were eliminated. In this regard Harvey, he said: “Last year in Brazil for Spain, it is a big blow, but football is like I think Spain will rise again..”