Hard to say pass the new aid 9 minutes

Cleveland Cavaliers lost 88-96 at home to the Detroit Pistons. Knight new aid Channing – Frye off the bench nine minutes, 3 vote 1, 2 pointers 0, 2 points and 4 rebounds(click NBA 2k16 MT).

This year’s NBA trade deadline a little deserted, only the eastern part of the first Cavaliers completed a deal, they bid farewell to Brazilian center Anderson Varejao, and can be opened to give people long space shooter Frye.

Today, Fry formally pass a medical examination, which means that the Cavaliers Pistons did not like to cancel the deal with the Rockets (not by physical examination because Motel) while, but Frye was finally able to complete the first show since joining the Cavaliers.

“I do not think they (the Cavaliers) need anything.” Fry says of joining the Cavaliers, “I think I’m just another option. I hope that opened the space, I think I can let his teammates do not encounter package folder. today NBA, opened the space is very important. I must always be ready. I know what I have in front of all-star players, so I have to earn my playing time and be prepared. ”

Today Cavaliers home game against the Pistons, Frye off the bench in the second quarter, but before long, it was Fry piston forward Marcus – Morris labeled as a 2 +1. Morris was face-offensive, he had lost a crossover Frye and layup and cause Fry. Later, Fry and eat a defensive foul when the piston perimeter players.

The game, the Cavaliers inside the piston off the hook, but Frye can not provide much help in this regard, because the defense is not his strong suit.

Near the end of the fourth quarter, Frye hit a two-inconsequential shot, which he joined the Cavaliers first goal, his only goal of the game.

Fry’s first show in Cleveland’s mediocre performance, is excusable, after all, he has not participated in the Cavaliers training. But we can not help but want to: If Varejao in the case, he is to give the Cavaliers bring help inside? Although Varejao advanced age, and attack relatively limited (no outside), but he will always be on the court most dynamic players, especially on defense. What’s more, this is tantamount to the Cavaliers Anderson Varejao gave title rivals Warriors, this really okay? read more

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