Grand Bassa dynasty coming! Dream 4 era opened unprecedented treble


Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the Champions League final between Barcelona and Juventus to start, almost the last minute of stoppage time, Neymar left Tuishe expand the game 3-1, then the referee blew the final whistle, Barca do so won the big ear cups, history won the Champions League five times, the fourth time a decade, stand on the highest podium of the event.

Earlier, Barcelona has won La Liga and the King’s Cup, this victory for them in Berlin following the 2008-09 season once again won the Triple Crown, became the eighth team supporting the achievements of the Triple Crown, but the history of the the first team to win two Triple Crown team, called unprecedented. Before the game, Barcelona and Juventus have hope Triple Crown achievement, such a situation had occurred only once, that is, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich in 2010, this time the last laugh is Barcelona.

This is the history of Barcelona’s first seven qualify for the Champions League final, Barca completely broke into the 21st century in European competitions since the 2005-06 season has been fourth finals, and won all smooth. In addition, the game is to get the Barcelona first 50 games this season, the victory, the five major league no other team can match his.

Since Guardiola left Barcelona once fell into decline, 2012-13 Champions League semi-final two rounds of the tragic bloodbath Bayern seven balls, dream splendid three completely gone. Last season, Barca fronts has come to grief, he did not won any of the championship trophy. This season, coach Enrique took over, and he was the first brand Massey team clashed, the team are at the brink of collapse.

However, a lot of people did not think that Barcelona soon gained a firm foothold Lien Chan Lian Jie to make the team to regain confidence, 20 days sweep La Liga, King’s Cup and Champions League titles, including Dutch (Ajax Alex), La Liga (Atletico Madrid), Champions League (Real Madrid), the Premier League (Manchester City), French (Paris St Germain), Bundesliga (Bayern) and Serie A (Juventus) champions Barcelona have been cut from his horse, the old that support God stop killing God’s Cosmos is back!

For now Zhezhi Barcelona, ​​we have enough reason to believe that the dream of four dynasties has been opened!