Final king did what more than Messi Maradona


In the field, he likes to use dazzling skills let others shouted out, in addition to Manchester United after the 2011 Champions League final to break the door to a rare roar rush, people have become accustomed to him with the most indifferent smile celebrate the goal; on the sidelines, you can not hear his rhetoric, he seems to be saying quiet: all the field see.

America’s Cup final, Messi goes from quiet silence. Under the host stalker, Macy “disappeared”, the audience only tentative foot shot was blocked, the location of his retreat, in the organization and passing without much contribution. After the finals, Argentina criticized by domestic media, “Ole” reporter Diego – Macias published an article saying: “Messi is the best player in the world, but not in the national team, Argentina much need him to stand out ah!”

This is the “Macy Argentina” it? From the game, fame and attention, you can say that. But at some point, people see “the Argentine people.” America’s Cup group match, in the passage to a teammate Javier Mascherano is encouraging, Brazil World Cup finals last year, Ma Ying-jeou is a circle in front of his teammates call to action speech, Messi in the side of quiet listening . In the two games before the America’s Cup penalty shootout, coach Martino are doing the final mobilization.

Macy is a habit with the skills to speak of, but since wearing the captain’s armband, since when the team boss, sometimes you have to open your mouth, especially in times of hardship.

1986 World Cup finals, Argentina has experienced such a crisis. West Germany in the first 74, 81 minutes with two goals from 2-0 to 2-2 chase, Argentina fell into low morale, while opponents momentum is busy. Maradona in his autobiography, “I am Diego” in recalls that “I am a little scared, that can not help a little fear.”

But as a captain, Maradona was this fear well hidden, he demonstrated to his teammates confidence and encouragement. “I put the ball to the turf severely smashed about, then rushed around Burruchaga (Argentina striker, played France Nantes) shouted out: ‘Come on German has been exhausted, you see Briegel! (German guard) leg has swollen like a log, they also can not run! Let us pass the ball up, we’ll kill them before overtime! ‘”three minutes later, Maradona Direct assists, Burruchaga pole broke, Argentina 3-2 boarded top of the world.

1990 World Cup semi-final against Italy before the penalty shootout, Maradona and will kick a teammate every clap, face-to-face on the TV, spoke words of encouragement. After a personal penalty into the penalty (penalty shootout winner yet), but rushed back to the team camp, he jumped into the arms of his teammates, teammates with positive emotions. 1986 against England, Maradona naked upper body in the locker room, waving shirts, leading the team rhythmic yelling “Argentina! Argentina!” Let us imagine that the Argentine teammates psychological experience, in times of hardship, faith shaken in the moment, when you look Messi, you see the same quiet him, perhaps, as one on the bow and walked away; but when you look touching and Maradona, he will move toward you roar, blast your blood boil.

Experience decided character. Macy has been a well-behaved child, a football training camp in good student growing up, he became captain, just because the game is too outstanding. Born in the slums of Maradona is a “bad boy”, after joining Barcelona from drug addiction, he has been bothered by retired after many years. In Naples period, Maradona even party bigwigs affair with the Italian mafia, when a well-known legend is, who to Naples was stolen robbed important thing, as long as there are opportunities to visit Maradona Finally, someone can always send things back …… from the character that this is a habit of rivers and lakes covered with someone else’s brother.

Character determines destiny. It’s hard to say, Burruchaga’s lore goals, and Maradona is concerned that roar, but can find positive signs in such a predicament (Germany defender ran swollen legs), to teammates blast that voice, Maradona did a captain’s “100 percent.” In horse autobiography, he repeatedly referred to another great captain, nicknamed the “black leader,” the Uruguayan ¬†– Barrera. 1950 World Cup final against Brazil, Uruguay, at the Maracana Stadium 200,000 Brazilians watched, Barrera directed at teammates yelling: “Only to win the championship, we will feel the true glory!” More importantly, Uruguay ¬†final equalizer a ball, it was Barrera instigated assists. And Maradona, the great captain, comes with to do, and both are indispensable.

For Messi, he does not like this roar, he is used to the situation, as long as play well enough to be able to get the victory. But sometimes, when the environment, opponents and other objective factors so you can not play well enough, something’s character will be a watershed destiny. Some would quiet down in silence, while others face an impasse, even though I do not know how the road before, have ventured to blast out that soon, has taken that step.