The Extraordinary FIFA ICONS Squad That Didn’t Make The Cut For FIFA 18

Within the last two editions of FIFA, (17 & 18), there have been dramatic changes to the Ultimate Team mode, more than at any time since its inception in FIFA 09′. It’s mainly thanks to new features such as FUT Champions, Squad Building Challenges, and Squad Battles, but one of our favourites is undoubtedly the Legends (newly branded as Icons for FIFA 18)

EA have decided to freshen things up when rebranding the ‘Legends’ to “Icons”. There was a lot of hype around this when they announced that Brazilian legends Ronaldo and Ronaldinho would feature inside the game along the one and only Diego Maradona.
As we can see from the pictures, EA’s selling point for the new Icons was they would have three different versions representing different points in their career, unlike FIFA 17, with a sole card for each player.
Taking the traditional “Legend” structure and evolving them in such a way to include not just one but three unique versions of each now “Icon”, the new addition to FUT was a widely celebrated one to say the least. Unless you were an Xbox One gamer, many would not have known how many brilliant legends that were in FIFA 17.

Unfortunately, a full 39 legends from FIFA 17 are not going to make the transition to Icons in FIFA 18, and won’t experience the same upgrade.

We have created a team of legends who we cannot believe did not make the transition, so in keeping with fashionable formations this season, our formation is, 3-4-3.
The former Arsenal and Stuttgart man was sole goalkeeper not to make the transition from legend to icon, EA added Russian Yashin to replace the German. We can forgive EA with this fifa 18 coins at fifa coins buy, its more safer, quickly if you use 3.0 trade, buy now.