European Pre – 2 frame + assists Sneijder Netherlands 2-0 Belgium Bell cut


European Cup qualifying Group A 6 at the beginning of a contest in Riga, the Netherlands beat Latvia 2-0 away. The first half, Sneijder hit the post. The second half, Sneijder assists off the bench to break the deadlock Weiner Middletown, then he hit the crossbar. Group B first place battle, Belgium lost 1-0 away to Wales, three points behind the other, Bell scored the only goal.

A group

Only seven points before the Netherlands ranked third. Fula Er injury sidelined due Di Lai halfback partner with the Devils. Warm-up match against the United States did not play Sneijder and Ryan returned to the starting Devils, this is Ned 115th national team game, than the Dutch team record holder Edwin less 16 games. National team captain Robin van Persie and strive to 50 balls. Latvia lacks two main, CSKA Moscow and Hamburg midfielder test is satisfied that the striker will not play .

The opening 11 minutes, Naseem was the bottom line on the right touchline, but the referee did not interrupt play, Naseem return, Pres half volley higher. The first 20 minutes, Pres left return, Sneijder frontier Tui hit the right goal post outside of (Click for video)! The first 28 minutes, left the restricted area low shot Pres in the side net. The first 29 minutes, the ball inside the penalty area Huntelaar, Van Persie volley towards the goalkeeper. The first 36 minutes, Van Persie cross restricted, Pres barb return goalkeeper. The first 45 minutes, turn the frontier closed area Shaba La Tongshe misses to the left, this is the first shot in Latvia.

The second half started four minutes after Sneijder goal post volley back to do, Pres top side. Middletown Weiner replaced Robin van Persie, Hiddink substitutions effective immediately. The first 67 minutes, Huntelaar ball, Sneijder left rib crossing the ball restricted the right of Middletown Weiner nine meters away from the door at the man turned and pushed leaning near corner, 1-0 (Click to watch the goals video).

In just four minutes, Blinder midfielder tackles counterattack ball right Naseem did not single-handedly into the restricted area pass, directly in front of 9 meters at a small angle Tuishe succeeded, 2-0 (Click to watch the goals video), he Middletown team goals and Weiner have reached three. Young Matt Williams replaced. The first 81 minutes, Sneijder turned in front of the fire at 18 meters to get rid of the twist beam bounced back inside

Netherlands (4-2-3-1): 1 – Xilai Sen / 2 – Van der Veer, 3-Dreyfus Lai, 4 because Di, 5 Williams (77’12- Jan Matt) / 6- Blinder, 8 Sneijder / 7- Naseem, 10 Van Persie (captain) (63’18- Weiner Middletown), 11-des (87’21- Lens) / 9- Heng Tela Seoul

The group of other sessions, Iceland at home 2 to 1 reversal of the Czech Republic, overtake rivals rose to the top 2 points, five points ahead of the Netherlands; Turkey 1-0 away win in Kazakhstan, two points behind the Netherlands, lore before the whistle Turan.

Group B

Belgium 1-0 away negative Wales, the first negative quarter-finals last year after the World Cup in Argentina was eliminated. Within ┬áreplace the injured Fellaini, location and other warm-up match 4 to 3 victory over the French in the same episode. The first 23 minutes, satisfied that Britain return the Golan headed goalkeeper Courtois mistakes, Bell left the restricted area 50 times for Wales played back body chest crotch at stopping Tui network, 1-0. The second half, Luca library replaced Mertens, the world’s second Belgian to exert more pressure on the home team, but failed to reverse the defeat. Pointer, Bell was benched because of cramps, the fans stood and applauded.

Cyprus away 3 to 1 victory over Andorra; Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-1 home reversal of Israel, Dzeko penalty into a penalty. At present, Cyprus and Israel with nine points, 8 points ranked fifth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra 0 bottom.