Curry 29 points Warriors only three straight

Warriors at home to 106-104 win over 76 people. Warriors (53-14) back to the league’s first position. Stephen – Curry 3-pointers 3 of 5 shots, scored 29 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Cray – Thompson three-pointers 9 vote 5, scored 28 points, Drey Real – Green 20 points, 8 Rebounds and 8 assists. Warriors audience three-pointers in 32 shots. 76 (24-42) almost burst out of the popular, but eventually swept by the Warriors. Dario – Salic scored 25 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Jahir – Okafor 22 points and six rebounds, Richard – Holmes 14 points and eight rebounds. 76 people on the rebounds to 50-42 dominant(click nba 2k17 mt).

Warriors recent status is not satisfactory, in 10 days two consecutive losing streak, and are three straight. 76 people are sent to the door of the soft persimmon, but the Warriors suddenly found that they even the soft persimmon are pinch. In the less Durant, the Warriors did not like a first-class team. When the playoffs will come, it’s not good news. 76 people back to back combat, yesterday just beat the Lakers, today and the face of the Warriors, but they played very tenacious, most of the time prevailed, up to 16 points advantage. Salic and Okafor succeeded in the opening, 76 to 6-0 start. Warriors played in the game nearly 4 minutes after only one sports warfare score, but then gradually find the feeling, Thompson in the middle of this section three-thirds succeeded, the warriors to 20-15 beyond. Curry in the end of this section also hit a record three points, the Warriors to 35-34 lead the end of this section. The second section of the library 4 vote total loss, just get free throws 2 points, Thompson hit rate also dropped, only hit a record three points. This section there are 7 minutes and 14 seconds, Thompson scored a penalty with 3 points, the Warriors to 47-43 lead, after 3 minutes Warriors only hit a ball, 76 people played 9-0, in this section there are 4 57 seconds, Holmes hit the third, they go with 52-47 lead. At the end of the halftime, the Warriors are 58-59 behind 1 point.

Warriors still failed to get out of the recent plight, the gap between the two sides reached double digits. This section there are 3 minutes and 52 seconds, Holmes even with a penalty to win 3 points, 76 to 84-69 lead by 15 points. Thompson finally to a third note, but still can not stop the 76 people offensive. This section 76 people had 31 points, the Warriors had 20 points. After three quarters, the Warriors to 78-90 behind. Warriors, after all, is a strong team, they will not sit on the 76 people to open the gap. After the start of the fourth quarter, Curry and Green have hit three points, they played a wave of 15-2, in one fell swoop to 93-92 beyond. This section played for 5 minutes, 76 people only hit a ball, the advantage of two-digit loss of instantaneous. Imagine the massacre did not appear, the warrior was almost killed by 76 people. The last half, both sides into the tug of war. In this section, the library hit the third, the warriors to 98-96 again beyond. 1 minute later, Loewu also to one-third, 76 people have become a leading party. There are 56 seconds of the game, Green caused a foul, two free throws, the warriors to 106-103 lead. Green then sent a hat, McConnell’s layup directly out of the border. 76 people again after the attack, the warriors under the prevention of mistakes.

Warriors also failed, 76 people in the defense did not get shot under the opportunity, had to call the pause, there are 4 seconds of attack time. But the game continues after the 76 people in the serve mistakes, Barnes fast break dunk actually not in. Warriors also take foul tactics. Salic fined a ball, but did not grab rebounds, both sides in the scraping when the game has arrived, 76 people fall more