Chelsea goalkeeper flapping point lore


In the new season, the second warm-up match, penalty shootout win over Chelsea in the Champions League last season out of their Paris Saint-Germain, in addition to the regular time equalizer Moses, the Chelsea win another hero is undoubtedly a penalty War in a good performance of Courtois.

The game Chelsea’s starting goalkeeper in the summer of new aid Begovic, Courtois in the second half off the bench, he let Chelsea shortly after playing a bit worried, Motta’s long-range Courtois caused the sell, Fortunately, he turned quickly to get the ball in the goal line, when the score was 0-1 behind Chelsea, if this mistake led to the goal, both for Chelsea or Courtois is a heavy blow.

Paris Saint-Germain in the second half offensive has slowed, Courtois in 87 minutes also defused an offensive attack in Paris, but both sides in a 1-1 score into the penalty shootout.

Paris takes the lead in the penalty shootout, Motta penalty kick was Courtois guessed the right direction; after Cuadrado kick missed, Chelsea into a very dangerous situation, to come forward at this time Courtois out, face Bach Baker penalty, the other half lob Courtois saved; when Paris turn Tiago – Silva takes the kick, the score was 5-5, then Chur Tuva determine the right direction again, saved the ball.
At this point as long as the ball into the penalty Chelsea could win the race, and the next player takes exactly Courtois to Chelsea! Courtois a thunderous shot to break the record Siliguri guarded the door, in the penalty shootout, he saved two penalties and penalties into the winning penalty in the performance, as the number one hero of Chelsea penalty shootout ʱ?? In an interview after the match Chelsea TV interview, Courtois revealed this is the first penalty kick of his own after 12 years.

This scene is reminiscent of this year’s African Cup of Nations finals in Côte d’Ivoire to Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire shootout old goalkeeper Barry also twice saved each other’s penalty, a penalty in the 11th round, and Barry saved the goalkeeper’s penalty, then personally penalty into the winning penalty. A similar situation also appears in the 2004 European Cup quarter-finals, Portugal and England into the penalty shootout, the first seven penalty Ricardo Cepu closed out the one hand Vassell’s penalty, then the surgeon himself penalty into the crucial penalty to help Portugal qualify.

After signing  summer, there are a lot of people think he has the ability to challenge Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois position, Stoke City boss Hughes said: “I think it will start from the bench Begovic , but he can challenge the starting position, “Begovic in the first half of the game although losing a ball, but also made a lot of good saves; while the second half Courtois although dispose of the case, the other side of the offensive there decreased, but his overall performance is regarded as stable, with excellent play penalty shootout, Courtois proved his ability of goalkeeper. Courtois new season starting goalkeeper position is still difficult to shake.