Buffon flutter controversial penalty point + Italy 1-1 leader


European Cup qualifying Group H 6 in Split began a contest, Italy away 1 1 level Croatia. Man Chu Keech Buffon saved a penalty, Chaaraoui goal was disallowed, Rakitic assists Man Chu Keech opened the scoring, then the restricted area handball Man Chu Keech, Candreva spoon penalty equalizer. Croatia captain Darijo Srna was sent off.

Qualifying teams are unbeaten this year, Croatia 2 points behind Italy before. September 2006 after 1 to 3 loss to France, Italy 45 consecutive games unbeaten qualifying contest. Chiellini, Barzagli, De Rossi, Zaza, Wei Ladi injured. Conti reform to play 4-3-3. Buffon timely recovery of an elbow injury. Pellet out at center, Chaaraoui and Candreva wings support. Bonucci and Astori halfback partner.

After the first meeting in April 1942 lost by Croatia against Italy in seven games unbeaten (3 wins, four draws). Suspended defender Corluka, Modric, Jelavic, Lovren, Gerd Wye, Strinic recuperate, Man Chu Keech week, muscle discomfort, but still a starter.

Croatia fans trouble punished because a game does not allow fans admission. The opening six minutes, Srna restricted the right ball was Astori uprooting, the referee Atkinson England whistled for a penalty, Man Chu Keech takes the angle being too Tui fell Buffon closed out! National team Buffon saved five penalties, four of which are in the race.

The first 10 minutes, De Silvestri is right crossing rubs Pellet Road, Chaaraoui 4 meters in front of Tuishe network, but was sentenced to offside, from the slow motion view, seems Chaaraoui no offside, just when the Italian team and the referee controversy, Croatia counter form a five-three, Rakitic restricted the right of low pass, Man Chu Keech 4 meters in front of left foot propulsion goal top, 1-0, Man Chu to break the scoring drought of this qualifier, Buffon negotiations with the referee, was booked.

Buffon injured receiving treatment, Siliguri began to warm up, but Buffon to stay in the field. The first 18 minutes, Perisic left low pass, Olic shovel Kongmen not met! After 4 minutes, Shala Wei cross from the left was destroyed, Marchisio hanging over goalkeeper Suba strange, but Vader top of the line at the door.

De Silvestri has gone down injured, Technip Leo off the bench. The first 32 minutes, Manuel left return, unmarked Chaaraoui 8 meters in front of the Tui too light, gotten Suba marvel. After 4 minutes, Pirlo free kick pass, Man Chu Keech hand touch the ball when defender Manuel, Atkinson again whistled for a penalty, Man Chu complained of Manuel pushing, the result was a yellow card, Candreva takes the play “Little spoon” into the goal Road, 1 to 1

Halftime adjustments on both sides, Siliguri replaced the injured Buffon, Lei Biqi replaced Olic. Croatia occupies possession advantage, Italy is trying to slow down the rhythm, the two teams for a long time did not create danger. The first 68 minutes, Candreva breakthrough Planic pass, Pirlo hit the high edge of the area. 2 minutes later, another Candreva back pass, Paluo Luo Tui gotten Shumba marvel.

replaced Planic, make up the wing loopholes. The first 78 minutes, Perisic turned and left peripheral Shepian burst out. Shala Wei, Nokia replaced, Italy change play three defender. The first 88 minutes, Srna back down Marchisio, accumulated two yellow cards sent off. 1 to 1 final two teams shake hands.

Croatia (4-2-3-1): 23- Suba marveled / 11- Srna (captain), 21-Vida, 13 , 3 Planic ) / 7- Rakitic, 14 / 4- Perisic, 20 Heikki Zupančič (90 + 2’22- Leo huachi), 18-Orly Odd (46’15- Leibi Qi) / 17- Man Chu Keech

Italy (4-3-3): 1 – Gianluigi Buffon (captain) (46’12- Siliguri) / 15- De Silvestri (27’2- Technip Leo), 19- Bonucci , 5 Astori, 4 Damian / 16 Paluo Luo, 21 Pirlo, 8 Marchisio / 6- Candreva, 20 Pellet, 11 Chaaraoui (80 ’13 – Ranocchia)

The group of other screenings, Norway home 0-0 Azerbaijan, two points behind the Italian, ranked third; 1-0 away win in Bulgaria, Malta, 8 points to finish fourth.