British media exposure Arsenal Wang Feng War truce three weeks or missed Chelsea


According to British media, “Telegraph” reported that Arsenal core Sanchez likely will miss the beginning of the Gunners season. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that just played in the Copa America finished Sanchez needed a break, so he decided to give three weeks of vacation Sanchez.

Arsenal will regroup this week preparing for the new season, in accordance with the provisions of this week, Sanchez is required to report back to the team. But Wenger has given Sanchez extra three weeks vacation to rest. “Telegraph” said Sanchez would return to the team in July 27, Wenger obviously want their array of top war will be able to take the opportunity to rest.

But it is worth mentioning that, if Sanchez rejoin at the end of July, taking into account factors such as physical recovery as well as the state, he will most likely to miss Arsenal and Chelsea in the Community Shield Cup and the Premier League in the first round of the tournament. After last year’s World Cup, Wenger will not let Ozil and Mertesacker quickly join the team match, Wenger a move clearly aimed to better protect the players.