Bell beat Real Madrid center! Benitez put him as Torres


Benitez’s tactics Real Madrid become a hot topic, the Spanish media from a few days of training vaguely touched some clues Bell [microblogging] could become a new center Tony Marshal pushing candidates.

“Marca” the author said: “Bell has become the 9th bit player.” The article said that Benitez Real Madrid began to shape their own formation, about how they will lineup, the coach began to give some clear signs.

In the past few days of training in Melbourne, Benitez tried two sets of line-up, in which the main players of the exercise was 442 (or 4411), and Bell’s position has always been to play center.

Before the front court, Bell sudden, Jesse behind him swimming, C Luo left, the middle is Modric and Tony – Cross, right or use Qielishefu, or test Lucas – Vazquez. “Marca” analysis, the reason for this play, because C Lo personal favorite is the left wing, also good at playing the left Bell needs to make the C Luo left position, that is, Benitez did not dare C Lo move authority has C Ronaldo, Bell is still in a weak position in the shadow. Over the past two seasons because of this problem, Ancelotti arrange Bell playing right wing, but the Welshman personally prefer to play since his debut but it is still used to the left.

Earlier, some experts questioned the placement of Real Madrid Bell, the former Real Madrid and Wales coach John Toshack believes Bell at Real Madrid to play right wing, not the best position. “I have seen some strange situation, including the occurrence of between C Luo and Bell some gestures and expressions, injuries also undermines the Bell rhythm, when I see Bell play, I feel that he is really like.”

But Benitez believes, C Lo can not coexist with Bell, his idea is, C Luo left to continue to play a personal favorite, as Bell, just go try to play center. Such an arrangement, reminiscent of classic Benitez at Liverpool [microblogging] period of “4411”, the double arrow Red Army are: sudden before Torres, Gerrard cruising in its wake. Now let Bell play up front center, Marshal Tony seems to have him as a “Real Madrid Torres’ idea to use, features and Bell Torres approximate peak period, speed and explosive amazing, strong straight-line impact, but there are certain Bell heading ability. “Marca” said Benitez men, it seems Bell is being seen as an important center of candidates.