Bayern hottest burst of nuclear terror

Who is a former two rounds of the new Bundesliga season, the most eye-catching performance of the Bayern players? If Douglas – Costa said the second, it is estimated that no Bayern player dared to boldly said that he must behave better than him. This is the name of 30 million euros from Shakhtar Donetsk’s Brazilian winger to vote this field will Hoffenheim defense upsets restless, and direct manufacturing the two goals the team, called the win the biggest player.
Due to the excellent performance before the game, Costa has attracted the attention of Bundesliga the team, the game has also been a rival focus of care. Lightning Fulande opening goal, even more so Hoffenheim able to defend calmly. In the case of Robben far the best condition of recovery, Costa became the team’s most important point of bursting. Data also confirmed the Brazilian’s power – his whole game five times and among each other one on one, all the breakthrough success. It is worth mentioning that Costa is very good at the control station on the pitch, his position is very close to the sideline. This maximizes space opened attack, the game often see Bayern midfielder transferred the case to find the edges of the nearby Costa.
In addition to the threat to break outside Costa’s cross is usually a fast ball low and flat, which makes it very awkward process defender. Costa pass the game several times to get rid of after use in front of Hoffenheim have caused chaos and danger. The first half end stage, it is Costa’s pass was blocked by goalkeeper Bowman, only Muller subsequent succeeded blank range.
The end of the game is called terror raid: Brazilian left a buckle Akira first one, and then forced to go outside into the title of pieces of illness, born with the speed trip defensive player, and then near the bottom assists Levante succeed. This assists fully demonstrated Costa explosive power, you know this is the last moment of the match. Hoffenheim coach Jisiduoer losing game convinced: “The game can be seen in the Bayern players how brutal personal ability, they have two or three players too quickly.”
After the last game of the Bundesliga dedication perfect debut, Guardiola once said: “This is just the beginning, he did a good performance but we just signed him for a week, but four years.” Melon handsome certainly hope Kos light tower is not only to maintain a high performance short time, but the Brazilians also practical action to activate the Bayern attack. In the absence of Franck Ribery, Robben still recovering when the state, where Costa left the team offensive line has become the focus. While in Costa shot side also needs to improve, but he certainly was for Bayern fans to believe, even without Raberg, and he continued to give opponents trouble