Barcelona 20 million signings called God a Real Madrid did not buy his regret dead



A year ago, even Rakitic I could not believe fate will bring him so much grace. At that time he was still a Sevilla effect, as the team to win the European Cup and happy. But football has given to give them a glorious future, but now, looking forward to becoming a reality. This is a contract, signed bets like to bring Barcelona a perfect success. 20 million euros, really good value for money signings.

May 14, 2014, Rakitic in Sevilla celebrate the team won the European Champions League, Sevilla beat Benfica on penalties only. June 6, 2015, the Croatian people do not need a penalty shootout to win the Champions League, in fact, the game has just begun 220 seconds, he helped the team to overthrow the Juventus wall.

In Italy people in the right way when the siege Messi, Barcelona left created a goal. Italian block Messi, but Rakitic appeared, the ball in after a series of passes, by the white left the restricted area outside the instep pass, Rakitic 9 meters in front of the door on the right foot advance , 1-0, this is the fourth Champions League final quick goals, but also the third Champions League final goals faster.

Rakitic opened the scoring for Barcelona, ​​but the team also got his wish to win the Champions League, you figure, joined Barcelona in just 50 games, Rakitic won three titles, and he went into this process in the Champions League finals ball as quickly. Rakitic excited, this is his most important goal, also his dream of going into the ball.

said: “This is my career, the most important goal of the Barcelona endure suffering very normal, equalized after they stepped up the rhythm of the game is impressive, I would like to congratulate Juventus kick well. The game “Croats continued:” Barcelona deserved to win, and I hope that next season we will not stop, because we have a lot to compete, hoping to win everything, “most  take the trophy dedicated to his wife and daughter. “Yes they gave me the greatest strength.”

After the game, “World Sports Daily” praise, said: “Rakitic unremitting efforts paid off this season, he learned to become a bodyguard in Barcelona, ​​but still able to play a decisive role in the field he actively steals, but also sent a subtle pass The ball does not impact the other goal when, “” Daily Sport newspaper, “he said:” He’s in the 4th minute goal, so that Barcelona recovered the missing three minutes before the game to calm Croats from the outset tirelessly. work, whether in offense or defense gave the team level, provide a great contribution. ”

From the technical characteristics, the attacking midfielder Rakitic from the debut, but slightly retreated position after joining Barcelona, ​​became a playmaker, whose long ball and control the tempo of the skill levels were pinnacle. More commendable is that Rakitic also has some defensive ability, it should be said that he is a very complete midfielder Almighty King.

It is worth mentioning that last year, Real Madrid have a chance to get Rakitic, but they chose to give up, and now I am afraid to regret the Bernabeu. Since last April, Rakitic has been with Premier League Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea go very close, its worth once stir to 40 million euros, but later Real Madrid the upper hand in the midfield battle in Croatia .

Last April four Spanish television has revealed Galacticos basically get Rakitic, “very close to the Bernabeu Croats, he will become one of the most important Galacticos signings, for coach Carlo Ancelotti excited . “but then she chose to give Real Madrid, the most important is that the Real Madrid  think Rakitic body weight is not enough star quality, but also no shortage of Real Madrid players like Rakitic. Exit Real Madrid to Barcelona to get the opportunity, and at a relatively low price to win the Croatian people, it turns out, this is a mistake of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​a big flash in the pan in the transfer market. | 502: Bad gateway

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