Arenas Lakers find shorter contract

Gilbert – Gilbert Arenas though has left the NBA, but he has been watching the NBA dynamic. Recently, he said he wants a Los Angeles Lakers’ 10-day contract, because it can sit on the sidelines to see – Kobe Bryant play(click nba 2k16 MT cheap).

This season, Bryant last season, he will retire after the season, so not many games remaining this season, Bryant is the last show.

Bryant curtain call tour attracted a lot of attention of fans and even NBA players also attracted attention. Arenas had to leave the NBA posted photos on a social networking site Instagram, hoping to watch Bryant’s performance on the sidelines.

Arenas released a Bryant wearing workout clothes sitting on the bench photos. Bryant Lakers figure wearing golden exercise suits, pants wearing black training pants, sitting on the bench watching the stadium.

Arenas wrote in the caption: “I just want to – Kobe Bryant sitting on the sidelines Lakers home game of the last few years, but the tickets are sold out …… but you know, I also …… have a backup plan when I saw the end of the Lakers bench, I found Roy – Hibbert, Metta World Peace, Nick – Young sat there for a whole season, they are doing what I dreamed of sitting on the sidelines best location View of Kobe last season. ”

“Bass, you must let me also to give me a 10-day contract it, from April 3 to 13, I spend money to buy these seats can also be ah,” Arenas said, “but I do not Metta World Peace’s position, that position near the corner, takes a poor feces as last guy wearing black clothes, I thought he was a security does not let me sit in Nick – Yang Hibbert or next, he two with a fool (downsyndrome) or as the big bald (Note: Robert – Thackeray [microblogging]). next, of course, from Byron – the farther the better …… he coached Scott is just like a person arrested I do not know, like playing Jason. – Nicholson (Oscar-winner, Lakers supernumerary mascot) how they had not been caught (fielded) so now people know who I should find mention of it ha ha ha these requirements? . ”

Arenas career 11 seasons in the NBA, averaging 20.7 points, 3.9 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.6 steals while shooting 42.1%, 35.1% three-point shooting. Because of a knee injury, he quit early alliance. After 2013, he says that no longer appear on the professional basketball arena. After three years of rest, perhaps of his health had improved, he was only 34 years old, and now Arenas, maybe not worse than the Lakers