According to Adrian WojnarowskiVerified account reported that the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets reached a deal, the Lakers will De Angelo Russell and Mozgov sent to the Nets, and get Brooke – Lopez and this year’s first round 27 Draft pick(click buy mt).

The deal is desirable for both parties. The Lakers signed two bad contracts last summer – Mozgov and Ruhr – Deng. For the Lakers current basketball president “magician” Johnson, his first task is to clean up the two bad contracts.

Now, the Lakers sent away Mozgov, but also paid the price to catch Russell. But the Lakers finally get rid of Mozi Geoff total 54 million US dollars contract.

For the Nets, they got a young and talented point guard in Russell, and they had to deal with Lopez’s expiring contract.

The Lakers’ move is also a long-term consideration, especially to free up salary space in the next summer chase – George, and even LeBron – James.

With the Lakers trading out Russell, it means that they are most likely in the first round of this year’s second overall pick Ronzo – Bauer.source: